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31 October 2011

Eeeekkk… I should’ve published this edition of blog lately much, much sooner. Sorry for some of the oldies included in here… probably still relevant though:)

Blog lately is a periodic publish of my latest interweb readings. See the blog lately archive for my nonsensical bookmarking.


Gates Foundation Pushes for More Global Conversation, Less Paternalism

(Lightbulb!!!) The key to social media ROI? Measure what matters to your business. Andy’s Answers: What SAP has learned through 8 years of social media engagement

Threat to intellectual capital? WHAT? “Flippant” seems common. RT @keithkall: Reading: The Six Attitudes Leaders Take Towards Social Media #socialmedia #SM @richendag @joydot

Am I surprised that money doesn’t necessarily result in social media success? Not. How Non-Profits Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How old is this article?!?!! Seriously. // Social media can create value at virtually every stage of the sales funnel, from awareness to retention. From — Social Media Engagement Drives Customer Loyalty, Higher Spending

From my social media soul mate… I’m always a fan when “blogging” and “social good” combine: Was there Social Good at the #pbevent?

Ooo… I’m a fan of Time Magazine’s use… #15 // 15 creative uses for QR codes

A little blogging wisdom from Teresa of Avila on Blogging and Rachel Held Evans

Let nothing upset you,
Let nothing startle you.
All things pass;
God does not change.
Patience wins all it seeks.
Whoever has God lacks nothing:
God alone is enough.


A brilliant post on the misconception and truth in dealing with haters. Even when that hater is yourself.

“Whether you love or hate your persona, you protect the self with which you’ve become comfortable. When you observe your own behavior, or feel the gaze of an outsider, you manipulate the facts so they match your expectations…. Be wary of the roles you play and the acts you put on, because you tend to fulfill the labels you accept….”The Benjamin Franklin Effect

After reading her post, I wrote this Alise Wright’s Facebook wall: When I can’t sleep, I stay up late and fill my brain with blog posts. Read your guest post tonight… beautifully stated. XO. // Missionary Positions: How a Wife does it. on

On womanhood and faith and wrestling with the important questions: Womanhood: blessing or curse

Always appreciative of a little blog honest, and I can always count on Elizabeth Esther for that //  If God speaks to so many people, why isn’t our world better yet?

His name is Robert Downey Jr. (and I’ll add) and he’s fly (tweet recommendation from @writingjoy)

I always appreciate reading Joy’s beautiful, heart-felt words of love…. Grief, Depression, and Falling Back in Love with Fall

I’m a fan of fancy, attractive titles… you can probably guess how/why I was attracted to this one: First class missions, and everything else that’s wrong with the big development agency travel culture

But more than it’s title, this post offers a short thought or two on flying first class as an NGO worker. The donor in me sides with NGO workers flying (cheaper) economy class. Then again, the NGO worker in me can’t help but fantasize of a little first class with a nice big, lawn-chair type seat and cooling mask and cocktail during take-off. But wouldn’t it be nice, too, if the destinations we were flying to were of white sand beaches and a fancy all-inclusive resort? (sigh) I guess “fancy” is not part of the “mission”…..

A bit more about why I’m doing this (again) from a new blog, Intellectual Liberation

Era has totally inspired me. Her passion and perseverance (literally) running with Team World Vision constantly reminds me of the goodness in World Vision’s work and it’s ability to impact people, no matter their talent or even hobbies. Equipped from Era Porth.

Boycott contributing to child trafficking and child labor practices this Halloween…. Ideas for an Ethical Halloween from Kristen Howerton

Hmmm… I sometimes feel this way. Maybe not literally, but psychologically. “I want to throw my phone out the window. I want Facebook to disappear. I want Twitter to crash permanently.” // Finding God in a Tech Filled World  on the 30 Hour Famine blog


Whenever I’m stuck in a(n uninteresting) seminar/lecture-type situation, the Harvard Business Review app is my go-to on my phone. I consider HBR a little like love and reassurance for my working soul since it very well puts into words the many nuances that I think about. // Treat Your Employees like Neighbors on Harvard Business Review

Who’s who among the ‘new’ aid donors? from the Guardian — My key takeaways: Whoaaa… India is 8th largest recipient of dev. assistance, but still a major donor. I may be a bit naive here, but given the political context and debate around the U.S. government’s international affairs budget (if you’re out of the loop on this one, read any of these posts: The moral imperative of humanitarian aid, Debt ceiling debate: Why foreign aid is an issue of ‘right-wrong,’ not ‘right-left’. Federal budget: broad, long-term thinking is needed), I’d imagine that India may be experiencing something something similar? Surely, the “charity starts at home” must exist in India, too. Thoughts from anyone who knows much more about this than I do?

This line just about sums up the entire article: Ron Paul was wrong when he said, “Foreign aid is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”Cutting Foreign Aid: Not The America I Love from Rich Stearns on the Huffington Post

Unsurprising… The richest 20 percent [in America] has about 85 percent of the wealth. Americans Are Horribly Misinformed About Who Has Money

Interesting interview between UN Dispatch and the president of Population Media Center… Seven billion: What does it mean?

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6 OCTOBER 2011

On social media, blogging, and content creation

Thanks @justinbrasser for the article. // How to publicly humiliate a self-proclaimed #socialmedia guru

Good advice from a blogger I respect very, very much for the way she approaches hot topics: Hot Topics & Haters: A How-To Guide. from Nish Weiseth.

Sent to me from an editorial colleague on the structure of creation, curation, and community focused teams. The Seattle Times: Newsroom reorganization reflects new priorities

Rethinking stickiness … Is “stickiness” a thing of the past? — Smart Blog on Social Media

The anti-social media strategy: socially blind campaigns. Are We on the Cusp of ‘Social Blindness’? via Ad Week.

Agree with #2, #3, and #5 for business… #1 and #3 for personal.– 5 ways to create compelling content on the American Express Open Forum

On humor, faith, love, happiness & faith

I was attracted to this article from Rachel Held Evans when I saw this tweet: rachelheldevans: Are evangelicals wrong about the gospel? … Needless to say, I responded with this: Oh, I’m constantly wrong fore sure. RT @rachelheldevans: Are evangelicals wrong about the gospel? — Do we have the Gospel wrong? on

Celebrating the life and love of a very special person… although I never received the chance to meet Sara face-to-face, her emails blessed me in ways that I cannot compare. This is Jessica Turner’s post, along with 165 others, who write to honor Sara. Choose Joy: Celebrating Sara — The Mom Creative

Thirteen Years — Happy anniversary, Joy and Scott!

Journeys of a Religious Misfit, Part 2: Accidental Fences // Rachel Held Evans

Crazy stuff starts happening when you actually LIVE your faith // From my favorite heart-blogger: Elizabeth Esther

Even though I’ve only spent 8 days with Joy and I’ve never met Scott, I love their family very much and think about them often… Hello, my daughter died from Scott on

Shameless plug: Life: unmasked — I sleep while I meditate

I really like this new column from Elizabeth Esther… “How do I submit to my husband and still maintain a sense of self?” {Advice Fair-EE}

Thoughtful post on the Deeper Story: Just hear me

A few posts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“…CSR should cease to be a subset of activities/projects within the larger corporate mission, and should become instead a guiding principle of the corporation in the exercise of its mission… one cannot deny the extent to which institutional interests drive INGO behavior, in particular the survival of the organization or of the jobs and way of life of its staff…” — The Corporate Responsibility

“The humanitarian world lacks a clear line beyond which negotiations with a donor, any donor, corporate or other, are terminated categorically on the basis of principle. This is a line that we desperately need to draw, and draw soon…” — Draw the line on Tales From the Hood

“Most (all?) of the bloggers bemoaning the evil corporation and its cynical CSR programmes are from the West, the same West which is responsible for invading other countries, all sorts of unfair trade rules, refusal to acknowledge responsibility for pushing the world to the brink of eco-catastrophe, and other assorted evilness….” — Beating up on Evil Inc — Bottom Up Thinking

“1. CSR is marketing, so the alternative is more Charlie Sheen. ….The marketing imperative leads to some discomfort with CSR. If it’s all about marketing, then it exists to promote the donor’s others goals and it will come with restrictions that serve those interests. The marketing imperative distorts the good that could otherwise be done with the same resources….” — CSR: J., Charlie Sheen, Karl Marx, and Office Space on Find What Works

Don’t forget Peter’s post on CSR on my blog: — Corporate social responsibility: sexy, sensible…self-serving? //

And a little more….

I left a long (and bit dramatic, but realistic) comment to this post: “The consultant’s conclusion after weeks of intense study was that the best way to ensure that women don’t fall off the career track was to have their babies later on in their career, once they were established.” … on Finding the G-spot on Tales From The Hood

I always appreciate a good post on leadership, management or the in-between… Agree with #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #11 // The 11 Leadership Styles You Must Avoid

Hm. Any blog named Values & Capitalism deserves a second look, but you know… conjures up quite the number of presumptions. Reconciling the Good and Evil of Sweatshops

And of course, I’m always interested in the latest debate in the aid blogosphere: Has Advocacy Reached Its Lowest Point? on A View From The Cave

In the spirit of political-religious debate…. religious hiring rights — decision of the church? or the state? Obama’s lawyers bid to regulate religious hiring — Yahoo News

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Some social media:

Aww… the measuring social media issue: PRSA’s chair weighs in on ‘PR’s next great challenge’: Measuring social media

This is old news… but somehow, dispelling these myths is still part of our every day jobs: 3 All-Too-Common Social Media Marketing Myths

Three more myths to add to the social media madness: Social Media: The Three Big Myths

Good thoughts on asking the right questions about social media ROI: What’s the R.O.I.? A Framework for Social Analytics

An extremely important article of “debunking misinformation” (something we must consider in the humanitarian aid sphere)… I sent this article to all my colleagues: Social media editor role expands to include fighting misinformation during breaking news

Some food for thought:

Elizabeth Esther’s I know the Bible too well

Chad Holtz on Homosexuality: God’s Gift to the Church

Aid marketing I’d love to see — 8 brilliant marketing tips for NGO’s from J.

On Have A God Complex?

better than the church from ashleigh at a Deeper Story

Much to consider with this article… highly recommend it on being “religious” or not: Why Are Americans Becoming More Willing to Say They Don’t Belong to a Religious Tradition?

Some interesting conversation:

The Pornification of Marriage from Elizabeth Esther

At a Deeper Story, Nish on reclaiming our words

Spiritual, but not religious — more from Chad Holtz

Always interesting conversation at Local?

The newest from Rachel Held Evans in her interview series: Ask an Evolutionary Creationist… (Dennis Responds)

Some recent “Likes”:

Men are from Mars, women are from WordPress by Joy’s husband

Written by my beautiful friend in Bolivia for our #faminenomore link-up… so lucky to have a friend with such passion:  I saw a poor, walked away, felt safe. I know I fail!

On the World Vision Blog: An aid worker’s answers about the Horn of Africa and Bringing death in Africa to life in America [LINK UP]

From Rachel Held Evans: Journeys of a Religious Misfit, Part 1: Wayside Shrines

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16 AUGUST 2011

#0.5.Why we don’t care when millions are dying, but if we see a puppy hurt on the street, we spring into action. Thanks @larryshort for the recommendation. How Risky Is It, Really?

#1. At the risk of sounding totally out of the 21st century, I just discovered The Colbert Report the other day. And the first person I thought to send this Colbert bite to? Matthew Paul Turner. The Colbert Report on ‘God’s Job Performance’ on

#2. Elizabeth Esther is easily one of my favorite bloggers (and people)… and when she tweeted this post from Carlos Whitaker yesterday, you know I had to read it. When your 5 year old says…”What’s Up Bitch?!” on // Dear Mr. Whitaker, if we were friends, I wonder which Google+ circle you’d put me in?

#3. I call Joy my clever blogger. (Of course, she’s not really mine and the word clever doesn’t begin to really describe her writing since it’s totally an understatement of her creativity). Anyhow, here’s a fabulously clever post on — How the Other Half Lives (except it’s actually “The Other 95%”)

#4. Rachel Held Evans is one of those writers that I’m seriously impressed with on an everyday basis. But it’s not just her writing that I admire… it’s also her sense of humility and grace. (If only we were all as gracious and merciful as Rachel :>) Some words of grace and peace on // Don’t forget to read this one from RHE also: What happens to my sponsored child when he grows up?

#5. Whenever I read EE’s blogs, I can hear her voice and see her reactions… and every time, I literally sigh (rather loudly) and say out loud — “I just love Elizabeth”. Can you be a Christian AND drive a BMW? I can’t. At least, not anymore. on

#6. Always a thing or two to learn from the aid bloggers — Humanitarian Aid 101: #4 – Accept that some good ideas cannot be implemented. on

#7. Anything you want to know about being “outside of the house”… you can learn from theoutdoorwife. On reentry, culture shock, and the cereal aisle. on

#8. For a lesson in faith and witness: I am not ashamed on

#9. Adding one more unforgettable moment to this post… coming home with 7 new friends. All our favorite moments from Bolivia on the World Vision Blog. [Bolivia bloggers] A dozen unforgettable moments.

#10. A great post at the recommendation of Chad Holtz: Coming out of the theological closet on the Pangea blog.

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