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February 17, 2014 4

26 of the most important things ever

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These tiny 26 things I know. And that might be it. Love, 26 years of screwing up and succeeding, caring too hard and sometimes not hard enough *     *     * 1. Start each day like it’s your last day ever birthday. Eat a cupcake if you need to. Then get to […]


February 4, 2014 0

25 tweets that sum up the #creationdebate

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I missed the Creation Versus Evolution Debate tonight on account of the Spaghetti Factory being awesome. But I caught up on Twitter a bit later and found no shortage of commentary (#socialmedia for the win). Now I *did* actually watch listen to the 2:43:32 recording online and can sum up my own thoughts in these […]


January 23, 2014 0

What I know about marriage (after 3.4 years)

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I’ve written this post for no other reason than that I was recently reading Elizabeth Esther’s post What I know about marriage (after 16 years) and was inspired to tag on. Her post is far better than this one. What I know is just… what I know. How do you know something or not know something? You’ve […]

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January 1, 2014 1

Goodbye but not forever

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Happy 2014! I’m celebrating — and missing — the year behind. I wrote most of this post in my head two weeks ago from above the Tasman Sea… the beginning of a long route home, and of another new life. * If you ever get the chance to visit New Zealand, you should plan to […]

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November 17, 2013 0

Two truths and a lie

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Two of these stories actually happened; one happened only in my head. *     *     * One. Up front: I keep this household under control. None of that status-quo-society’s-expectations-of-who-we-should-be crap. I don’t “have to” do the dishes. I can come home late from working hard at my job. I can marry a Republican […]

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October 2, 2013 1

The beginnings of Dreamshare

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Dreams are the foundation of all hope. Dreams grow in us, fill our hearts, give us courage, and lead us into the future. Dreams make us believe in the possibilities of tomorrow. (from It’s amazing what you learn when you ask children what their dreams are. So many of them want to be doctors, […]

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August 2, 2013 6

First dance

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Today is the three-year anniversary of the day of my favourite moment in the whole world.  * Our song was playing; I know because we planned it for just after the toast. But I might as well not have even heard it. I was long gone, lost completely. All my senses were consumed with one […]