25 tweets that sum up the #creationdebate


I missed the Creation Versus Evolution Debate tonight on account of the Spaghetti Factory being awesome. But I caught up on Twitter a bit later and found no shortage of commentary (#socialmedia for the win). Now I *did* actually watch listen to the 2:43:32 recording online and can sum up my own thoughts in these few observations…

  • Nye was a better story-teller.
  • Ham was very much so into semantics.
  • Nye wins the Twitter debate.
  • Ham still supported by creationist backers.
  • “Go Seahawks” -Nye at 1:10:09
  • This or the Super Bowl commercial reruns? Reruns.

This post is merely a recap of #creationdebate tweets. If it sounds slanted or biased — how terribly atypical of “media” — it’s because it mirrors the sentiment of its tweeters.

PS: I particularly like the melting pot of a Twitter crowd the debate pulled together. Among tweeters: @whatwouldyouDOOdoAngry White Republican, @thetweetofGod, @thebooksluts, the Dean of Credibility, Pokemon Online, Pokemon Episodes, the Otaku Atheist, Gabe the Babe, the Wolf of Walgreens, Ungodly news, Bert, Josh, John, Bashot, Carl, and Shay. Touche.