The beginnings of Dreamshare

Dreams are the foundation of all hope. Dreams grow in us, fill our hearts, give us courage, and lead us into the future. Dreams make us believe in the possibilities of tomorrow. (from

It’s amazing what you learn when you ask children what their dreams are. So many of them want to be doctors, nurses or teachers. They want to do things like help others, or spread knowledge, or provide for their family one day. They want to be police officers and soldiers so they can protect their people and country from “robbers” and “enemies” and they want to be lawyers so they can be figures and authorities of fairness and justice. Such beautiful aspirations in the hearts of children whose tiny voices quiver with shyness, and eyes shine bright with hope and ambition when they talk about their dreams.

I’ve been totally lucky. I’ve been the listening ear to the dreams of dozens of women and children in India, Cambodia, and Malawi in the last two months. I’ve sat in thatched-hut homes, on the steps of a school block, at the edge of a beloved football field, in children’s clubs, at netball practice, and under the shade of giant baobab trees all the while listening, soaking in, and drinking up the beautiful dreams of people I hardly know. People I maybe just met, or have spent a day or two talking with, who share the deepest parts of their soul with me. We don’t often think of our dreams this way — as something so sacred. But something I know, our dreams are the hopes that are closest to our hearts. And here they were, sharing theirs with me.

The beginnings of #Dreamshare | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

(CAMBODIA) Such an amazing young woman. Sokhoeurn is 19, just finishing up her last year in school before chasing her dream to be an accountant. She told me when she was little she never dreamt of her future–she never thought she could. She was sponsored 6-7 years ago by someone in the U.S. and because of that she has been encouraged to dream as big as she can.

The beginnings of #Dreamshare | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

(MALAWI) Sweet, little Prisca. Her dream is to be a law expert because she wants to bring fairness to her village.

(INDIA) Love Meena! Her dream is to be a doctor. I asked her why she wanted to be a doctor and she said: "Because the hospital close to our village closes early. Too many people do not get help. I want to help them."

(INDIA) Love Meena! Her dream is to be a doctor. I asked her why she wanted to be a doctor and she said: “Because the hospital close to our village closes early. Too many people do not get help. I want to help them.”

#Dreamshare is the most humbling campaign I’ve ever had the opportunity to work on. Being on the receiving end of stories brimming to the edge with hope and faith of dreams of all kinds and types and sizes… it manages to make you feel really small. Like your maybe but a drop in the ocean. And at the same time dreams are so powerful in passion that you can’t help but feel like this ocean is the only place you want to be — in the company of people who believe, who have faith, and who won’t let you give up on your own dreams.

Maybe this an odd thought for you (it’s certainly not for me), but dreams is the kind of topic we’d probably write chapters about if only given the chance or the time. It’s the conversation we’re sort of secretly hoping to have with anyone who might actually listen. #Dreamshare is that invitation. It’s an invitation to write, to post, to tweet, to share your dream —  whatever that might be for you. And we’ll listen. Not just me, not just our team behind this campaign, not just World Vision… but I really think others will listen, too.

Something I found to be beautifully true the last time I wrote about dreams: We gain something important when we share our dreams and when we listen to other people’s dreams. It’s that we gain a profound sense of encouragement. Even the most impossible dreams have a place in reality when people come together and share hope.

This is why I like the #Dreamshare project and why I’m all in. #Dreamshare is an intentional moment in time for us to stop and think, and reawaken all those childhood wishes, realise all your present dreams, and hold onto what your heart hopes for tomorrow.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt


All October World Vision is sharing dreams. Hope you’ll share yours: #Dreamshare



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PS: For those wondering what I’ve been up to the last three months… it’s producing this campaign 🙂

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    Once again beautiful words to inspire us. Thank you for sharing.