TGIFebruary (#BlogMeFebruary)

#Janblogaday was sort of like split-pea soup that I had to eat every day… because Ryan said so.

TGIFebruary (#BlogMeFebruary) | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Tastes good for like two meals. Then you hate yourself for telling LaTrina Jenny Craig you’d eat her green soup for 31 days. Thank God it’s February, right?

(A brief moment for January though — because that was one extremely longggg month with far too many late nights staring at the computer screen with a blank brain) Thank you x a million to everyone who wrote with us. More than 200 posts linked up; if you wrote one or 31, THANK YOU. You are incredibly creative and hilarious and witty, and just as inspirational and wise; you’re still my reading material for the next while. Can’t help but feel like we’ve just ran a blog marathon together. Thank you for sharing your blogs (and your lives) with us.

I know we also had heaps of really supportive readers — our mums and colleagues and Facebook friends… to all of you, thank you for reading. It makes staying up ’til midnight writing more worth it.

(Back to TGIFebruary) Sota and I have learned a few things from last month’s blogging escapade. Mostly that January is not boring at all, and also that we miss our weekends. So for February there are weekly themes with daily topics. The daily topics really just serve to give tangible daily ideas following the weekly themes. So you can write once a week — which is what we’re committing to — or every day. Again, thank God it’s February. New month, new hashtag, same LaTrina.

If I can propose (after all, it is the month of love) a February goal for us: Invite someone new to write with us. Tell them it’s about chocolate and roses and blogs. Not much can beat that 🙂


Add this graphic to your site to follow Blog Me February:
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Week one (February 1-7): FOOD
1. appetiser
2. brekkie
3. Superbowl
4. vegetarian
5. dinner
6. dessert
7. (you pick)

Week two (February 8-14): RELATIONSHIPS
8. childhood
9. sibling
10. parent
11. mentor/someone you admire
12. friend
13. (you pick)
14: valentine

Week three (February 15-21): SKIN 
15. makeup
16. tattoos
17. ethnicity
18. pimples
19. (you pick)
20. aging
21. imperfections or bug bites

Week four (February 22-28): WORDS and COLLOQUIALISMS
22. quote
23. bad words
24. double entendres
25. (you pick)
26. conversation
27. jargon
28. famous words

*There will be a separate link-up for each of the four weeks/themes hosted here on LaTrina’s #BlogmeFebruary page (lots of reminders will be provided in each of my posts to keep us on track). Okayyyy that’s about it. GOOOO team!

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  • Ok, weekly themes are much less daunting than daily, I’ll definitely try to take part!!

  • Can’t waitttttt to read it.