One quarter of a donut and a glass half full

PEOPLEEEEE — it’s the last flippin day of January and I’m freaking out! Thirty-one straight days of blogging has kept me up ’til late at night. I sacrificed the season finale of Bad Girls Club the other night to write. #Janblogaday, you’re ruthless. Day 31: Favourite…

It’s 11:24 pm and three hours ago I helped consume $1oo worth of food and drink thanks to a Groupon that was about to expire. I’m really tired. And yesterday’s “my biggest flaws” post was emotionally taxing on the ol’ ego. I had to eat a donut with lunch today just to mask the depression I feel creeping up inside. (The rest of this post is from Colin).


My wife is by far my favourite person, and I love her very much. But she is special.

A snapshot of today (on the phone):

(Her) Guessssss whattttttttttttttttttttttt pumpkin face jelly bean star fish?

(Me) What?

(Her) I got you a present today.

(Me) You did? What is it?

(Her) Something special. You’re going to love me forever.

(Me) I’m sure I will.

Two hours later when she picks me up at work:

Sharing problems | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

This stuffed up on the wind-shield.

(Me) What’s this?

(Her) Your surprise.

(Me) What happened to it?

(Her) Somebody ate some but I saved the rest for you.

(Me) Somebody ate some? Do you mean… you ate some?

(Her) silence. silence. guilt. silence. guilt. It was meeeeee! I ate some. But it taunted me. I have zero self control.

(Me) It doesn’t really look like you wanted to share.

(Her) Yeah, I did. Look! I saved you half.

(Me) Looks sort of like you saved me 20%.

(Her) At least 30% but I don’t keep tallies of wrongs.

At least she’s a glass-half-full kind of girl. Makes it easier when I tell her later I bought new headphones. And that “donut she ate lunch” she says up top… that was MY surprise donut.

*           *           *

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