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For day 20 of #Janblogaday: Beautiful–a guest post from one of the most beautiful woman I know.

Lisa is stunningly beautiful… music video, Sports Illustrated, pageant beautiful. And the most frustrating thing about her is that she is incredibly nice to be around, fabulous in every way, girl-next-door except better looking than the whole neighbourhood and 99% the population… she loves food, she buys my candy. So, of course, I love her.

Lisa was one of the first people I met in New Zealand. First week at work I was booked to go out for a day with Lisa’s team who work out of the office meeting new child sponsors. From the moment I met her, she was absolutely lovely and has grown fast to be one of my favourite people in this whole country. She is as deep as she is passionate, as sweet as she is stunning, as thoughtful as she is down-to-earth, as easy to love as whoopie pies.

I know that this post is incredibly special to Lisa. She wrote it a couple of years back (before she won Miss Earth, Miss New Zealand, and had professional modelling shots done) as something she’d want read to her, especially when it seems beauty is more of a struggle than a gift. Thank you, Lisa, for your example, your inspiration, and your thoughts — they are ten times beautiful.


This is how I define beauty for myself and what it means to me.

Beauty is not a given. Our appearance is but a mere projection of who we are. The real projection of beauty is you purpose, your wants, your needs — the inspirations in your life; that unselfish love you have more for other people than what you have for yourself. Your true beauty is in the success of your life’s achievements, and in your intention to help others. It is defined only by the truth in your heart to genuinely care for others. Your beauty cannot be marginalized by your physical features alone. The love in your heart projects true beauty beyond what others can see only with their eyes.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Every women loves to feel beautiful, needs to feel beautiful. But your hunger to protect love and empower others is the real feeling of beauty and is satisfaction beyond what any person can tell you or make you feel. Look deeper… because that is the beauty of a woman: who she is, how she holds herself, and her ambition and goals in her life which mould the real foundations of her beauty and who she is.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Beauty is not the number of times you’re told, or looked at, or envied. Those words are a gift that can be shared with others, indulging them in the gift of love, compassion, forgiveness and grace. These are things not evident in your looks, but in your heart. True beauty comes from seeing someone else happy, waking up in the morning thinking about the people you are going to strengthen today.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Your hunger to feel beauty cannot be fed by compliments, awards, or materialistic happiness. Beauty is fed by love and those who surround you. It’s love from the most simplistic things like the feeling of encouraging and helping to give someone a reason to smile. The smile you have is because it comes from what you have done for others; not so much what others have done for you.

Your beauty is more than the physical. It’s your potential to impact the world. The hope you have for peace and for love  — it is a dream fuelled by beauty in your heart. This potential and dream is what motivates you to never give up. Your gifts and dreams are your potential in this world — to understand you have limitless possibility and opportunity to dream big things for the world.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Your love for others is gift of beauty; but do not forget to love yourself. Look in the mirror beyond the physical features and be happy with the person looking back at you. It is the love you have for yourself that molds and shapes your love for others. Practice loving others by first loving yourself and realising the depth of your beauty and where it comes from.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Beauty is love and love is to give. To give is to receive and to receive is to appreciate the beautiful things in this life. The beautiful part of love is in your appreciation — for the differences in people, for God’s creation, for where you live, for your ability to love others for who they are and not what you see. Beauty lives here.

Look beyond the physical feature, look deeper.

Look past what the beholder’s eye can only see. Look deeper.


Beauty to me | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Stunning Lisa.

Beauty to me | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

The Lisa I see every day 🙂 … stole this pic of her and her fiance Deach from Facebook. Such a lovely couple!

*           *           *

January blog a day | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

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