A husband confession

A hubstud confession for day 11of #Janblogaday.

The wife is too tired to write a blog post tonight, so here goes… My first thought for the topic of ‘confession’ was: Confession — I like to tell my wife when I’m pooping because it grosses her out and I think it’s kind of hilarious. BUT this would not turn out to be a good story and the wife would never let it fly. So instead…

Confession: I almost bought a puppy about 4 months ago.

Yes, it’s true. When moving to New Zealand last February we desperatley wanted to bring our little yorkie Bella with us to the land down unda’. But the cost was going to be an arm each and our first born. Pet medical exams and shots, shipping, plane tickets, and her stay in a quarantine facility was not just a “well, lets be somewhat frugal for the next three months” sort of set-back. No no no…. the cost was more than a little outrageous. It was straight asinine (editor/wife’s note: Colin has favourite words. Among them: garb, foul, and asinine). I seriously could have paid for a semester of college or bought a decent car at the same cost to ship Bella to New Zealand. So at way over five thousand dollars to ship our sweet little bundle of joy down to the new homestead, we reluctantly had to leave her behind with my mother and father in-law in Washington for the length of our stay in New Zealand.

Being far from home, missing family and close friends, learning and exploring a new continent, working in a new city, having just myself and my very supportive wife (editor/wife’s note: he must have known I was going to read this first. Hence, the extra sweet compliments… I’ll take ’em!) …..and NOT having our Bella to come home to every night has been, to put it lightly, difficult. We miss her all the time. Seriously, every single time we come home to our empty apartment.

A few months ago, I happened to have a few work appointments scheduled and was cold-calling in an area of Auckland called Newmarket, which is a nicer area of town with some hip restaurants and flashy furniture stores and such. In my cold-call wanderings, well aware that a pet store would have absolutley no need for my company’s services or products, I proceeded inward to take a looksey at what was inside. I was not looking for a fish or a bird, and heaven-forbid, an evil-creature of the feline animal lineage. I wanted to see what little dogs they had. And then I found this little pup…..

A husband confession | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

We feel very fortunate at this young stage in our marital life that we both have decent jobs and don’t have to worry to much about our monies and all that. We are both very responsible and save and pay our bills. So, in feeling like we were ok in our finances at that moment, there really was not a price I thought was too high to fill the 10-pound “Bella” sized void in our hearts.

Knowing Lindsey would absolutley love this little guy at first glance, I sent her the picture. She loved him, of course! I know my wife so well 🙂 No flowers or cards for this one.

A husband confession | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Text message from Colin to Lindsey.

I was basically ready to pack the pup of there and take the rest of the day off of work! However, our miniture Barbie-sized studio apartment downtown Auckland does not allow pets in the building. I was more than willing at that particular moment to completely throw all regard for rules out the window and let this little guy sneak in. But the wife… well, she knows better than me and convinced me not now.

So… confession: I didnt buy that adorable Yorkie-Poo like I wanted to……but just wait ’til next time.

*           *          *

January blog a day | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

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