The shoe horoscope

Ladee da da… it’s day 7 of January blog a day… and that means… shoes.

I always wanted to be a horoscope writer… today’s that day. KEY: Your shoe sign is the shoe type you most frequently wear (not the necessarily the type you most frequently buy, or have the most of).

The (neon) FreeRun

Comfort and agility are your motto this month presenting you with heaps of opportunities to step up as the natural born leader that you are. An impending eclipse will stir jealousy in your frenemies. Don’t let haters steal your motivation. In fact, make a commitment to healthier living by trimming that excess “fat” and surrounding yourself with people who will build you up. Let your extra enthusiasm for adventure pave a path for you and lead you down new roads. Who knows, you just might surprise yourself with where you wind up and with who.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Nike FreeRun

The ankle boot

The Mercury/Pluto conjuction has you fiesty. Embrace it but be careful to not misuse your fiery passion to trample over the feelings of others. On week three, your emotions will be best balanced at the mall purchasing a new handbag or enjoying the free make-up tutorial from MAC. At night, relax your mind and body with a sensual bubble bath and some Michael Buble. End your evenings catching up on Grey’s Anatomy or Hart of Dixie with a glass of your favourite red.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Juicy Couture Izza Nappa ankle boot.

The UGG boot

Uranus is bringing in a warm front that has you out of your comfort zone. Decidedly take risks, be bold and trust your instincts. Also, cut loose a little from your typical padded-routine. Break out the dancing shoes or strip down to slippers this month and take that rocky relationship to the next level. But beware, tough encounters will force you to dish out some hard love near the end of the month.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Ugh UGG.

The classic high heel

The reverse rotation of Saturn has you all business right now; take advantage of the persuasiveness. Now’s the time to impress management and wear your big girl pants (or that cute pencil skirt). Match your skills with hard-work and promise, you you’ll turn every eye. But careful, don’t let your work ambitions poke holes in your personal relationships or that DTR you’ve been putting off might land you in an evening’s end in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s best.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Black, classic.

The Croc

A turn in the tides might bring a few puddles in your garden near day 12. Carry an extra pair of socks and don’t let a little wetness ruin your excitement of how much you’ve been growing these past few months. Not everything goes your way but you did read that Walgreens is getting a new colour clog in — let that equip you for battle against grass stains, dog poop and weeds. Make it through this month and you’ll be tougher than ever.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

No words.

The Sketchers shape-up

Mom is right… you need a makeover. It’s time to start being realistic with your life. Can the Kim Kardashian posters and join the gym. Make new friends. Go to a happy hour, eat some buffalo wings. As you get used to your new lifestyle, explore the options of “today” and consider a new hobby — go vegan, join the Occupy movement, buy TOMS, get a nose job, and start a blog.

The shoe horoscope | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

The shoe Kim Kardashian endorses.

*            *           *

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