Bucket list of (some un)realistic wishes

Writing for day three of January blog a day: Bucket list.

Colin and I drove six hours last night from Seattle to Bend to visit his family for the week. Six hours in the car (minus thai food, coffee and a wife nap) and this is the bucket list we’ve come up with. The aspirational ones are probably his contribution, the weird ones are mine. But I figure if I’m making a wish list of things I want/want to do before I kick the bucket, then I can wish for a fluffy closet just for my shoes. There are no wishes off limits on this list… because that’s how we roll, even in a Scion xB through the Santiam (like Auntie Em except Santy-em, and snowier) Pass.

Update (1:03 am): Because our bucket list is not as extensive as I’d like, and because I enjoy accomplishment, I’ve added a few bullets with checks for things we’ve already kicked off the bucket. I’ve also marked whether or not the bullet point is realistic — since that is probably important.

  • Vacay in Spain… realistic
  • Eat too much pasta and drink too much wine in Italy… realistic
  • Bread sword fight in Paris just after a visit to the local bakery on our mopeds… eh, kind of realistic
  • Go to the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil and watch some serious badminton or beach volleyball… hopefully realistic
  • Ride an elephant (we once heard you can actually rent elephants in Thailand… serious)… kind of realistic
  • Safari in Africa…. realistic
  • Live abroad… done!
Bucket list of (some) unrealistic wishes | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

First sign of living abroad: When Santa wears sandals and Tommy Bahama shirt.

  • See a movie in Gold Class… realistic!
  • Wear a size 2 pants… unrealistic
  • Help come up with the next Christmas Coca-Cola or Superbowl Budweiser commercial… unrealistic
  • Invent the next iPhone-technology… unrealistic
  • Have a walk-in closet… realistic
  • Own one of those Japanese steakhouse grills… not realistic right now, but maybe when I have a pool and BBQ patio

  • Ride first class on international flight…. probably not that realistic.
  • Name a hurricane… unrealistic, but could be really cool
  • Judge in a major contest like MasterChef, American Idol, or Miss USA… sadly, unrealistic
  • Do social media for the Olympics… at this point, unrealistic
  • Star in a movie as a CIA agent… unrealistic (sigh)
  • Get LASIK surgery so I can open my eyes under water… realistic
  • Visit the Feej… done!
Bucket list of (some) unrealistic wishes | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Fiji vacation, June 2012.

  • Make enough money to gift a holiday to everyone in our family…. hopefully realistic one day
  • Surprise someone big time… done!
  • Run a half marathon… realistic-ish if I get my act together
  • Have the financial ability to say “I got the bill” whenever we want… please, be realistic one day
  • See U2 in concert… (this is a Colin contribution so I can’t rate it)
  • See a concert in Central Park (another Colin contribution)
  • Name some twins… realistic if they are my own, or puppies
  • Ghost-write for one of the Kardashians… just once… unrealistic, oh well
  • Find a four-leaf clover… realistic
  • Have a famous friend… undecided
  • Wear more Lululemon… done!
  • Live downtown… done!
Bucket list of (some) unrealistic wishes | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Downtown living in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Get some sort of special Costco membership status where they treat us like George Clooney in that new Nespresso commercial… unrealistic since I don’t think it exists
  • Help Colin see the democratic light… at this point, unrealistic 🙁
  • Contribute to a cook book (or maybe just win one)… win one could be realistic
  • Start a family… realistic, one day
  • Adopt…. realistic, one day
  • Read more, write more, stress less… realistic if I stop being dumb
  • Meet the President, or Zac Efron… unrealistic
  • Party on a yacht… unrealistic unless we get that famous friend
  • Own our own yacht… now that’s an (unrealistic) idea
  • Write or contribute to a book… realistic, I hope
  • Live to see our great-grandchildren… realistic
  • Pass on traditions to our children’s families… realistic
  • Be debt free… I wish it were realistic in the next two years… student loans, we hate you
  • Send our kids to college loan free… unrealistic probably
  • Sky dive, maybe… undecided
  • Blog every day in January 🙂 … realistic!


*           *           *

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