The anti-boring January project

January has a terrible personality — bipolar really. In the beginning January is actually quite ecstatic… a little over the top even. She makes all these lofty goals and sets ridiculously high expectations of herself with a can-do attitude that makes you believe she really will “be more patient”. She’s even kind of nice to be around, like “hey, January, want to get some Panera Bread?”, like the friend you wish you had all year round.

Then she turns Black Swan crazy. And overnight she goes from Kim to Chloe, but an angry vampire Chloe. Clearly she has issues living in the moment. She acts like last year divorced her without a prenup and left her for a younger, sexier year. Like a dramatic teenager she turns to Facebook and Taylor Swift for comfort but because she finds none she starts bad habits like skipping the gym and drinking bloody marys for breakfast.

Specialists cannot determine her melodramatic mood swing. I reckon it’s because the intense pressure to uphold a standard from her cooler older sibling December. And no one cannot like little sister February with all her chocolatey sweetness and cupid-like affection. Poor January, with all that burden and holiday weight, starts popping xanax to even out her emotions. So even, in fact, that she becomes the most boring month of the year and that friend you loved is gone until next January first.

NOT THIS YEAR! Fitness-instructing Katrina and poptart-eating me are putting a little extra effort in seeing that January’s spunk is preserved all month long with a little Latrina (Lindsey + Katrina, the new Brangelina minus the millions of dollars and dozens of babies) blogging project, the first of many to come — January blog a day (like Instagram’s photo a day except bloggier and more in shape). So, 31 topics for 31 days. There are no rules except that your posts reflect the topic of that day. Write a novel’s worth of words, three sentences, or a just post a photo to your blog with your own interpretation of the day’s topic. Then link-up with us… but no worries, the #Janblogaday party is a causal one. Post late, post daily, or post on topic whenever you can or feel like.

It’s a piece of (January) cake that won’t make anything but your blog a little bit more plump. Get me another slice of that.

January blog a day | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Get the code for this graphic:

1: New.
2: Two.
3: Bucket list.
4: Pet peeves.
5: Biggest fear.
6: Embarrassment.
7: Shoes.
8: Honesty.
9: Made with love.
10: Memory.
11: Confession(s).
12: Recovery.
13: Top ten…
14: Food.
15: Transportation.
16: I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that.
17: Things that rhyme!
18: Advice.
19: Superpowers.
20: Beautiful.
21: Create a mood board.
22: Kids.
23: Dessert.
24: Teachers.
26: Winter/Summer
27: Regret.
28: A surprise!
29: Home.
30. Your biggest flaw.
31: Favourite.

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