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117 drafts saved, this one was hiding between “Bad move, Samsung” and “40 things that make us American” — neither of which are in posting condition (because I have really strange and strict — and totally bi-polar — posting standards). I post these collections of my latest interweb readings so my imaginary stock and ROI in the internet goes up, and so I can free up room in my bookmark bar. And, of course, to inform my friends with recommended readings:) Thanks for supporting my web reading habit. xLindsey

And best someecard lately:

blog lately - v3, i7 | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren


I’m 3 for 6… that’s decent odds, right? 6 personality traits associated with longevity

Christianity’s new F-word…  if scrutiny means “one is on the right road”… what does that say about Driscoll? Maybe we should jump ship.

A few more thoughts on the (new) F-word… #famine ( or faith (

Some important thoughts on short-term missions trips. Practical for us to consider for international development, bloggers trips, and donor trips, too. // Rethinking mission trips

Because hubby will love me so much if I help get more views to his blog 🙂 And because I love this post from him… 730 days ago, remembering our wedding day

Really amazing acts of generosity happening with the First Home Project… love the way the Aussies crowdsource their generosity: (Video) First Home Project and @JarrodMcKenna tweet

Regardless of how open-minded people are, they experience a subtle bias against creative ideas when faced with uncertain situations. This is useful information for a million different situations or reasons. // Why great ideas get rejected“Regardless of how open-minded people are, they experience a subtle bias against creative ideas when faced with uncertain situations.”

This video:


Seems like wise advice to me: “…it’s important that we don’t start to kid ourselves that what’s online is the only thing that matters.” Also, iPhone stacking: It’s like the new spin the bottle (but w/o the kissing & the apps) // Social media – It’s a trap (escape while you can!)

I think the respondents fibbed. Acquisition is the white lie of brand awareness…. Ad Age Survey: Marketers Buy Facebook More for Awareness Than Likes or Leads

Well, I suppose I might be a little representative of the “in favour” crowd to add to this. But I will say “under 25” seems a bit strict, how about we say “of the Millennial generation”? That might give HR a little more wiggle room: Why every social media manager should be under 25

Looks like something you might buy from TOMS Shoes — and in that case, more philanthropic capitalism reigns. // ‘Instaglasses’ Concept Brings Instagram Filters to Real Life (Photos)

I’m still skeptical… For every one decent game there are 1,000 others. Gamification comes of age

Old news, but still true: Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Hire a Social Media Manager

Latest social media catastrophe… (call me a little mad but these sorts of things get me all social media excited… nothing like the power of a little frustration taken to the social world) // Jetstar Australia Facebook post from a user

You know what I want? “Instragram to make a difference” …. any instragrammers keen? // A very Pinteresting breakfast

A blog a day… admirable. (Creative brain, blog-obsessed juices flowing in my head) // How I tricked myself into being awesome

51% of churches w/ a senior staff member usingsocial media regularly… NEEDS TO BE MORE! // Church and social media (INFOGRAPHIC)

Because this country knows what’s up… (Instragram) National Noodle Day

Why digital story-telling is essential for your nonprofit… Best part of digital story-telling: Content and community (extended notes #npau tweetchat)

GO #SOCIALMEDIA GO!!!! // Viral Letter Asks Nike for Cerebral Palsy Shoe Line #NikeLetter

ASB’s new mobile app: Creating digital gimmickry or creating the future?


Some thoughts on being expat. Still applicable from first world-first world expats to0, I think.

Living in first-world Aotearoa isn’t quite the same as say, Karachi… but this is a good reminder that I’ll never get away from being American. Am I trying to do that? // Tolerance.

A really interesting few thoughts on church, Lady Gaga and the message that you are loved: Maybe Lady Gaga Does What The Church Won’t

Yes, this. And a million other things I wish didn’t distract me every time you preach. “Would I be out of line to suggest that you stop preaching to the lowest common denominator? … Less sin management, more disciple-building.” on Deeper Story’s Dear Pastor

“In other words, write something brilliant… Change people’s lives by the words you type. When you are done, publish it. And then do that 1,000 more times. …There is a better way. It’s called giving a shit and it goes something like this: …The results are better. It is more sustainable. And it will even make you feel like a better human being. Because you will be.” — Me, Me, Me, I, I, I

Wants- agree. Gifts- agree. Advice- agree. Car? Nothing wrong with a nice car. (INFOGRAPHIC) What do women really want from men?!

Is there much to argue here? … Fake boobs are better than fake people

I dreaded reading this for fear it would tell me that I totally suck. And it’s right, but… it also told me I might get heart disease. ACKKKK… Fine, I’ll listen to you, damn HBR article, always right. You Can’t Do Your Job if You Don’t Sleep

I resonate with this in all kinds of non-Asian non-patriotic American ways… #86: Not being American on Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like

Walk away from bad deals? That’s just wise life advice. Interested in hearing about CSR or corporate partnership focused staff think of this article? And, more so, if the advice in this article will actually dictate their decisions? Or is it more of the “yeah, totally, but our orgs probably will accept bad deals anyway” type advice? // Charities walk away from bad deals

In case you need something to write-off today, this is a real winner for that category: The politics of outrage

Brilliant. // Web 2.0 moved the dial from what nonprofits have the least of—money—to what they have the most of—community. The time is now to start maximizing that asset. on Nonprofits in the age of the new citizen

“5) I wish you would teach us what it’s like to be you…. mentor us.” // Good stuff…  easy to forget that we play a mentoring role, too. // How to be a better twentysomething

Success and perks… of course! The bit about story-telling… couldn’t agree more. (Admittedly, I’ve never thought about story-telling as an employee retention strategy…brilliant!) //  The Psychology of Employee Retention


Naive much? (Facebook post from Social Media NZ on NextGen journal article: Why every social media manager should be under 25) — Full disclosure: I’m an under 25 social media manager. However, I think “under 25” as a sort of rule is a bit strict. In fact, I know several social media managers or specialists who are older than 25, some well into their 30s (totally old, I know), and they give excellent social media direction, in my opinion, to their companies.

A social media manager has two roles: 1) understanding the technology, and 2) understanding communications and customer expectation/experience. Under 25s might innately have #1 down. But over 25s are likely to have us beat with #2 any day. Why? Well, following the same logic she is using in the article, they’ve grown up with changes in comms. They’ve witnessed these changes and evolutions and have adapted over time. Under 25s can’t say the same, can we?

Perhaps “of the Millennial generation” would give HR a little more wiggle room.

On Social media shift in business: Funny enough… I actually like the public relations/journalist-tinted social media peeps more than the marketers because of this very reason — understanding and knowing how to most appropriately address/respond to hot topics (could be reputation risks, criticism, etc.) I’m also a defender of these two rules: 1) Our audience isn’t unforgiving — we can say sorry, and mean it, and be forgiven. It’s ethically expected from us and admirable when we live up to it. 2) We need to be able to stand up for all our practices … i.e. we shouldn’t be doing anything we’re not. And if we are, we better be willing to come clean about it — and publicly. Oh, this is my fave part of social media… testing and challenging the corporate status quo.


I wouldn’t call this a real infographic… but the green Olympics idea is outstanding. I love it. Go Olympics! // London Olympics: These Games Are So Not Trashy (Infographic)

I’m a weightlifter? I really wanted gymnast or high-jump. // Your Olympic body match

When you’re a little teeny country… this happens: Olympics: Aussies claim Kiwi successes for their own

So I’m not the best hurdler… good thing BBC says I could be a weightlifter: Google doodles: Hurdles 2012

Because I work for World Vision and find the good work of my colleagues exciting: Photo: Kids kick off games around the world

More like an interactive-graphic… cool work from media design students in NZ // Infographic: Evolution of the 100m dash

Because the sound of the Olympics in my home is… well, fascinating. // Olympians: They’re so hot right now

(And a few of the) TOP POSTS ON THIS BLOG as of lately

A nearly accurate conversation between husband and wife on politics and disagreement… My big fat politically-polar marriage

My first press release: Hedren Household: Talerico steps down, Hedren appointed CEO

And a few notes on that very important DTR you have when it comes to your “celebrity hallpass”… Domestic terms of engagement

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  • Spin the bottle, social media style. Yeah, I do think that idea had some legs, huh. Working on it. And that will be totallyyyyy GQ.