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This is what happens when I’ve sat around the TV and computer for too long… and also what happens when I’m so dry on blogging inspiration that I feel posting one of the 112 drafts I have “saved for another” time is the best option I’ve got. I don’t classify myself ever as the “anything is better than nothing” type but I liked the poster at the end of this post so much that I felt selfish for saving it for another-nother time. Also because this post gives Mondays a sort of promising future.


Maybe you saw “badminton” listed in the Olympic Games line-up and you thought to yourself — badminton… well, that’s stupid! Doesn’t seem very Olympic worthy to me! Who even plans the Olympics any more?! I bet Romney had something to do with it!

We’re wrong. (Except about the Romney part, I suspect he had a hand in this).

Badminton is intense. In a two-hour long consideration today about whether or not I might pay to go see badminton, I think I would. I even think it would make for a real nice date.

Also, I think it’s admirable that I can watch the Olympics in my pajamas at 3pm in the afternoon after making Pinterest peanut butter cookies and feel so inspired. Some people need a life coach or a mentor. Not me. My homemade recipe for inspiration calls for just three natural ingredients: an open-mind, a willingness to learn, and 100% peanut butter. Place all of that in front of reality TV and the result is exponential! (You wouldn’t believe the  life lessons I learn from Ellen, Masterchef, and the Bad Girls Club!)

Special thanks to Olympic Badminton teams from Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and the Czech Republic for your wisdom on the “field” today and teaching me some valuable life lessons.

1. Don’t blink.

It’s a competitive world out there and times are tough. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee — I don’t think either of these animals blink.

2. Get up quickly, or die.

The chick in the blue, she’s winning because the chick in the black doesn’t get up as quick. Lesson: Get knocked down… get knocked down a lot. But always, always get up again. (<– I believe a techno song exists for this)

3. Scream, if you must.

Emotion, if harnessed and let go of at appropriate times, is a sign of intensity and seriousness. There are times to harness the emotion and there are times to unleash it. Consider this most when making first impressions, at job interviews, while seeing you’re women’s doctor, and during all “define the relationship” talks.

4. Know your short game.

More than half of any Badminton match is in the short game — that is, the short half of the court nearest the net. Metaphorically, it’s kind of like knowing and protecting the emotions/fears/desires closest to your heart (our net). Or if you don’t fancy that… understand that life is about more than just the long-term because we’re in the “short-term” for a very long time.

5. Seize the opportunity for the kill.

Carpe diem, mates.

6. You will sweat.

Get over it. And always wear deodorant.

7. Stay in bounds.

Don’t contribute to suburban sprawl. I’m kidding… this one is more about umm…. following the law and stuff. Because you can’t really live your life to the fullest in jail.

8.Your game face isn’t enough. You need a game body. (No, war paint doesn’t count).

Colin came up with this one. Game body — I think he’s talking about David Beckham or Jason Statham. Probably Statham in his case.

9. Lay-out.

There’s a lot of ground to cover. If you’re going to protect it all, you need to be willing to lay-out and scrape them knees up. You’ve got clean knees? I bet your resume is on pink, smelly paper too.

10. Work in a team.

If you hang out on your couch long enough, you’ll get to watch doubles and singles badminton. And you’ll notice how much more intense singles is. And if that’s anything like life — I’d say, find a mate and get married.

11. This…

Life lessons from Olympic Badminton | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

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