Olympians: They’re so hot right now

Because I’m certain the hus and I would’ve made for much better commentators for the opening ceremony…. (Sound bites of our Olympic commentary… in no particular order)

Olympians are so hot right now | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Me: Why are Olympians so hot? Like can’t they leave anything for the rest of us?
…THAT’S DAVID BECKHAM. God, he is so nice to look at it. Jesus, you are real.
…I like the ones that come out all tribal… like Fiji and American Samoa.

Hus: You mean you like the ones where the guys come out shirtless.

Me: Yes, yes… that’s exactly what I mean.

Olympians: They're so hot right now

Watching the Olympics opening ceremony live on TV – $60 a month for special channels. Watching the opening ceremony 35 minutes behind the online live-stream on my computer – indeed, priceless.

Hus: What ever happens in Iceland?

Me: It’s very green. Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is very nice. Did you never watch the Mighty Ducks?

Hus: Ireland,they’re a happy bunch.
…How do you spell “allowed?”

Olympians: They're so hot right now | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Hus: Oh, this is interesting. In the last 15 years, most of the cities that have held it have been uh.. they’ve had like uh… they’ve gone 50% over their budget. But the London Games are saying they are over uh… 100%. They’re trying to reverse the deficit trend.

Me: Oh. Wow.

Hus: Do you know what I just said?

Me: Yes, something about how Republicans think we should buy lots of guns.

Hus: At the ’96 Games, 22 African countries boycotted the Summer Olympics because of New Zealand.

Me: Was it because of the sheep? We wanted to bring our sheep?

Hus: Rugby… And African apartheid. Oh, and the Olympics were held in ’84 in LA. A host city is chosen seven years ahead. The 2016 Games will be in Rio De Janero. No African countries have ever succeeded in winning a bid for their country. Oh this makes sense, the U.S. has hosted more Olympics than any other nation, probably because of money and structure.
…Oooo, the next Winter Games will be held in Russia. Crazy. Youth Olympics… whaaaat?

Me: Did you know I’m part of the “me generation?”

Hus: Don’t listen if you’re not interested.
…What’s on the stove?

Me: My potatoes.

Hus: It sounds like they are burning.


Hus: Mongolia… do they have to wear the hats? That’s just too bad.
…Norway always has good looking people.

Me: Would I do the trampoline event if I was in the Olympics? I bet I’d be a natural at Judo… it’s in the genes.

Hus I’d do the mountain biking.

Me: Babe, we have to be realistic with our dreams. I love you.

Me: The long-jumpers have stilt legs. It doesn’t seem fair.
…They are all decent looking people. Look at that chick, she isn’t Mila Kunis or anything, but she’s like Sarah Jessica Parker. Really, point me out an ugly Olympian.

Hus: Can you be fat and be an Olympian?

Me: You can sue a fast-food restaurant if you burn your tongue on a burger. Pretty sure there is not an Olympic-weight limit.
…What part in the ceremony do you think the Queen will stand up and say, “May the odds be ever in your favour?” If she does that, I’ll give her a hallpass on that fake sky-diving incident from earlier.
…Do more people watch the Olympics or the Super Bowl?

Hus: Here we go. There’s rowing. And Badminton. Gymnastics are at 3pm on Sunday!

Me: Wait, did I ask for the answer to something else?

Hus: I’ll look it up, hold on.

Me: No, I mean… like I can’t remember what I asked you.
…You know who’s cheeky when it comes to the Olympics? Germany.

Hus: Do you hear that?

Me: Did you just fart?

Hus: No, it’s U2 playing.
…Did that guy really invent the internet? I thought Al Gore played a big part.

Me: I think maybe it’s like French toast. Someone else started it, but the Americans pumped it up.
…Paul McCartney’s cheeks look like they’ve been crying.

* * *
London Olympics 2012… you don’t look too bad from Auckland. LeBron James really helps with your overall image.

Other thoughts on the 2012 Games? Curious to know, also, if you’re a Hunger Games fan?

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