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Hello everyone, I am Sabine from Sabje’s blog. I am honored to be writing for the lovely Lindsey today as part of the 20-something bloggers blog swap about childhood summer holidays.

Blog swap | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

As a child, I was lucky enough to visit many places, and one of these places had a big impression on me. To this day, I cherish this holiday even more than others. It’s very strange because I was only one or two years old at the time and I still remember so much from this vacation, more than I remember from holidays spent at an older age.

When I was very young my family and I went to Gozo, Malta — a little island south of Italy. We went there by plane and helicopter, which was my first time ever flying in either. I don’t remember much about this part of the experience. In fact, the only thing I do remember is that I got a little notepad, a pencil and an eraser with a plane printed on them.

Gozo was a lovely place. We stayed in a villa near the ocean. I absolutely loved it. I can still see all the lovely images in my mind — images of beautiful nature and ocean. The view from the garden of the villa was extraordinary.

Childhood summer vacations blog swap | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Views in Gozo.

I also distinctly remember the huge bugs and lizards in Malta. As a little girl, I remember them as huge monsters. I couldn’t tell you how big the bugs actually were now because to a child, even the smallest of things seems gigantic. But these bugs left an impression on me – so much so that I remember them today.

I also remember Malta, especially Gozo, was a very nice place to visit. Not only for the lovely surrounding but also for its delicious food. If you ever get the chance to go there, definitely try some different dishes.

The ftira Għawdxija a flat piece of bread filled with potatoes. There’s also Balbuljata, which is a kind of scrambled egg. If you love cheeses, try out Ġbejiet — it’s a kind of goats cheese well known in Gozo. For those with more of a sweet tooth, try out torta tal-marmorat — a chocolate cake with almonds.

Childhood summer vacations blog swap | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Ġbejiet cheese.

Every time I visit a beach or go on holiday in general I think back to the time when I visited Gozo. Visiting Gozo again is defiantly on my bucket list.  I would love to go there in the future when I have children of my own. So I will be able to give them the same lovely memories as my parents gave to me.

Thanks heaps to Sabine for swapping blogs with me today. A taste of what I wrote about favourite childhood summer vacations for Sabje’s blog:

Trying to remember your favourite part of childhood summer vacation is like trying to remember what your fifth birthday or the first day of school in the fourth grade was like. It’s like trying to redevelop a photograph you were in that lays dusty in grandma’s big wooden chest at the end of her bed. Most of the details are vague, but there are parts of the photo you remember distinctly — like certain smells, or particular colours, or maybe the weather that day.

You take all those small pieces and you lay them on the table trying to fit them together to create something a little more whole — a full memory. And then maybe you notice there are patterns in the pieces. Maybe there are attributes that are reoccurring — like consistently bright colourful surroundings, upbeat music, or warm fuzzy feelings. This might tell you that the memory you are trying to reconstruct is a good one, a happy one.

All the pieces of half memories I have of my childhood summer vacations are like that.

Childhood summer vacations blog swap | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Big brother and I starting our addictions young.

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