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A whole heap of things I’ve been reading… I’d advise you to spend at least 10 minutes of your work day browsing this list and broadening your mind’s horizons :>

Cheers. xLindsey


Yes, this x a million. And a good hardy amen, as I believe that would be an appropriate response. Also… I have the “Remember the Titans” theme song in my head when I read this. Not sure why. // You can’t deny people their rights and be nice about it

Good news for night owls: Your smarter than the rest. Good news for day-timers: Your less apt to suffer from depression. // Smart people sleep less.

Considering the why’s above the why not’s… Gold. // What does it mean when beneficiaries sell relief goods?

The opportunities and options we have in America… are they all good? // “Good luck and I hope that you do get your boy” (sex-selective abortion in America?) from a writer who speaks straight to your heart

Gets more funny every time I read it. // #155 Brand Exemptions

Well this is a sad reality… Why women still can’t have it all

Oohhhh…. this sounds like a marketing scheme from Mars to get me fat… I’m skeptical. // M&M’s and Dirty Doodles: How to survive a boring meeting

Having just read Love Wins … I find it a bit coincidental that this post suggests truth wins. Christians, we are in a constant search/argument for what “wins”, aye… //  when it hurts to go to church

For the hell of it… Do We Really Need Hell? – Part 1  and Do We Really Need Hell? – Part 2  … also fascinating to read having just finished Love Wins….

Ahhh.. and some truth that really does win: “If anyone discourages you from following the dream God has placed in your heart, it’s time to get new friends.”  // Throwing out the baby with the bath water, wise words from EE

Well… that’s one way to interpret Gandhi’s famous quote:  (SPEECH) The Renewal of Civic Capitalism

Is it totally weird how much I like being a millennial? // Millennials: Make a Living, Make a Difference and Managing Millenials: Why Gen Y will be running the country by 2020 [Infographic]

Andddd… don’t forget: Feminism: A 30-day free trial — 12 posts that have inspired my feminist moment.


I respectfully disagree. We are bit like Jesus. (Only kidding, having a sense of humour working in social media all day = necessary).  // Social media, we seem to have a problem

Six dimensions of highly engaged fans. So basically…  Advocates and sharers keep us employed. Responders keep us busy. Constant critics keep us healthy. That about sums it up.

Does Facebook Know Your Love Secrets? [INFOGRAPHIC] — Two thoughts I’lll take away from it: 1) Fridays and Saturdays are easily the best days to break up with someone… like the eptiome of liberation at the end of a work week. 2) The fact that Beyonce makes the top 5 songs you listen to when you start a relationship makes the entire infographic legitimate.

“Fewer, easier decisions make your brain happy.” A fascinating rendition of the #Facebook design, but slicker? Octofeed Puts A Slicker Skin On Facebook, Hinting At Big Missed Opportunities

Mmm… and I always thought of it more like an online family reunion — lots of ugly in that. // Facebook to me is the cocktail party of the new millennium….

Rainbow Oreo = LOVE IT!!!! Analyse that, Radian6! // What Radian6 found when it analysed the Rainbow Oreo reaction

Facebook… a technocracy… that seems about right. // What’s really truly going on with Facebook

Fascinating. I reckon much of this post reflects social purpose and commerce in the states, too. // Social Purpose Gets Personal As People Discover the “Me in “We”

Also could be called: 5 friend mistakes damaging relationships… 5 ways social media mistakes are damaging companies’ reputations online

Yep. 5 social media trends in 2012


“No one is going to watch TV AND use the internet at the same time.” … And like our phones will ever be smart? Pshhh. — 10 irrational arguments for leaving digital off the media plan

Good news: Google is replacing our brains. Very considerate of them. // The Internet Is Ruining Your Brain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every good (and actually every bad) campaign has a crew behind it making it happen. Crashing websites because of too much traffic? Sounds like a good first-world problem to have… Making #Kony2012 Fast Company interview with the firm behind the campaign. Interesting stuff, nothing we might not have known. Still creatively admirable. // Invisible Children’s Web Strategist Gives a Crash Course In Going Viral

One day, this will inspire a post of my own: 10 Reasons Not to Work in Digital

I don’t work in eComm (only with them), but damn does this make sense. Big Data Marketing for Small Businesses: Why It’s So Damn Hard

If you hear me scream “disrupt or die”… you’ll now know where I’ve picked it up: Beyond disruption

“The “little white lie” is a common part of life, but it seems to get a lot of play in the world of digital ad technology.” — Seems like a depressing way to start a post about honesty… // 5 questions to keep video technology pitches honest


Standing ovation for my dear friend Nish. // A culture of judgement

Franchising…the next wave of privatising humanitarian aid? An out loud couple of thoughts: Franchise

Cheers to this…. “It’s become clear to me that by remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long, I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something – something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid. This is distressing because it is simply not true.” — Anderson Cooper Comes Out: ‘The Fact Is, I’m Gay’

Beautiful thoughts of motherly wisdom. I hope I’m just as wise one day: In which my daughter wants to lose weight

The only one I really needed to know: 3. “You’ll spend a bundle on e-books.” (Noooo…!) // 10 things Amazon doesn’t want you to know

When “work” gets personal…  // When aid gets personal


Why I’m a Terrible Blogger (and You Should Be, Too)“What’s up with life getting in the way of (first) our dreams and aspirations… and now our blogging? I’m a terrible blogger because I’m less original than other bloggers — like the lazy graphic designer of blogging…”

Dear American HoneymoonersTwo things I’ll carry with my today: 1) Don’t set a pace for your life you can’t maintain. You’ll leave one another behind, and 2) Please pack less. I’m not sure what you were planning on doing, but life just doesn’t need that much baggage. Thanks for your beautiful words, and as an American honeymooning alum — these are words we need to hear. Just please don’t stare at us at the restaurants when we try to order animal style fries or a Venti white chocolate peppermint latte:)

Meaningless FractionsAgreed, it’s extraordinarily dubious to base your strategy off the stupidity of donors. I’m curious to know what you think of this — if we continue to feed our donors a certain level of immature information (watered down for their digestive abilities), and they believe it, stand by it, support it… what, really then, is the probability of their “catching on?” (We – defined as general public in this instance.) And the greater question: What are we going to do with a bunch of poorly taught donors when the next complex situation decides to rock the earth?

Social media, we seem to have a problem — (More thought from my tweet earlier…) I respectfully disagree. We are a little like Jesus — (is it too hot headed if I say:) we turn yucky power-hungry, lame-brand water into social media wine all the time. Perhaps not wine… maybe, cough syrup. Or milky tea. Or… or or… But if the Facebook people don’t like cough syrup, well, (things I wish I could say to clients) you’re kind of SOL.

At that point, you, of course, risk the chance that your client or manager or opposing teammates will reduce your hip social media job to nothing more than a Youtube video and an eCard. But if there is anything we social media peeps know how to do, it’s bite the bullet of criticism and risk and make it rain with buzz words like “innovation” and “social ambassadors.”

Unpitching bloggersI’m also a bit of a Nike slogan fan when it comes to working with bloggers…. and couldn’t agree more that “pitching” them misses the point, misses the value, misses the relationship. …I stand by a belief that “pitching” anyone with an ulterior motive is a terrible approach. I’m not sure why we think our motivation has to be better than “I just want to know you”.

…(Getting back to the point, I think) Pitching bloggers is like barking at your own dog. Like a face off. Except your dog knows FAR more about barking than you — that is, you can’t use the dog just for his bark or just to get to other dogs. *Terrible analogy. I think it’s bc I miss my dog.

Webcam outtakesSometimes I search my phone (which would be SOOOO much easier if Apple let me make tags for my photos then I could search categories or key words later — a project for Gen Z, I think) for self-portraits. Yesterday’s #PhotoOfTheDayJuly — my Instagram fetish — was self-portrait. I managed to only find one self-portrait in 2700 photos on my phone…. wind-blown haired up mug shot when we landed in Kauai (wind-blown hair because that’s totally sexy right? and mug shot because my arms are so short that any self-portrait is up close and personal).

*         *          *

I’m keen to know your thoughts if you’ve read or do read any of these. And if I’ve missed any goodies, tweet them my way, will ya? @lindseytalerico

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  • Egad this is an epic post. What do you think of Love Wins? Been meaning to get around to reading it.

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  • Hi Lindsey,

    Just popping in to say thanks for linking to my “Rainbow Oreo” post. I appreciate it. 🙂


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

  • Totally! I’m bummed Oreo got so much negative flack over the rainbow cookie. I still think it was a brilliant way to message the company’s values. I’m safely assuming the negativity is strictly an American “issue” as Americans tend to pick over small details more than, say, New Zealanders do. Thanks again for the great article.

  • I was drawn to Love Wins bc it was so contentious in the U.S. The book (and Rob Bell’s teachings) have been used a number of times to draw lines in the sand between different Christian circles. I don’t believe any of the controversy that’s followed Bell around has been near to the extent as the (very reasonable) scrutiny Driscoll receives (and, in my opinion, is deserving of). Rob Bell has a really unique writing style that I appreciate and so I always read his books. I think he offers a different perspective for things… in Love Wins’ case… heaven and hell. I think Bell challenges us to open our minds into seeing the world with a different set of shades. And I like that part about him. Whether you agree or disagree with the ideas he presents, you put the book down and maybe you raise your eyebrows to yourself and think… well, huh. That little “huh” finds a way to dig itself a nice little cave and camp out ’til he’s ready to come back out again.

    So…. I found the book really intriguing, and the writing style even more so. Bell’s concept of heaven/hell is really no differently presented in this book than any of his other books… that’s why it surprises me a bit that he took so much heat over it when it wasn’t new. Also — Reading the book reminded me very much of a sermon that nearly any charismatic Christian pastor in America would give. But Bell’s “publishing” the message caused a spark… should teach us all a little something about publishing our thoughts vs. speaking them.

    If you read it, I’d be really keen to know what you think. I’m thinking I need to re-read it in another month or two to really get a better grip on it.

  • Yeah, Driscoll comes out with some shockers. In any situation, I think we need to be discerning about what’s out there. At the end of the day, we’re all human, trying to make sense of things.

    I like that Bell challenges a lot of what’s been taught traditionally, but he seems to come at it from a biblical perspective, not just “hey, I don’t like church anymore.” If anything, it’s food for thought. 

  • Food for thought… precisely. Like banana cupcakes or zucchini fries. (That’s how I get my fruits and vegetables)