I was victimized by marketing

If you look up the word “victim” in the people’s dictionary it says: victim: One who has encountered Chuck Norris.

I would think that is quite an accurate definition because twice in two months, I have been victimized. I’ve encountered the Chuck Norris of email marketing.

Love. Hate. Unsteady. Inconsistent. Grateful. Hateful. Sucked in. Forced in. Walked in. Paid by. Live by. These things describe my relationship with marketing. Now I work at the social center point of mar-com so I don’t believe that marketing, itself, is inherently evil (and even if I did, reality is that it keeps the branding world turning and keeps many of us employed, so I’d never admit it).

But it would be a little too naive for me to refuse to recognize the role I play in the marketing circle of life. So for this reason, I’ve stepped in to play my part in the consumer food chain as best I can. And because I’m nearly as passionate about economic opportunity as I am a new pair of shoes, I try to consider the ramifications of my purchasing decisions in the most positive light possible (which is sometimes bright like a disco party and other times dim like a sad story). That’s the gist of the consumer food chain — playing a part in a larger eco-system that is dependent on consumer decision. Those consumer decisions are influenced by… (dun dun dun) marketers. Lots and lots and heaps of marketers.

So… like or hate it, you can’t really escape it. It’s like consumer gravity. Recently, I was glued to earth by this consumer gravity. Here’s how it started:

To: Lindsey Talerico

From: Les Mills

Date: 13 April

Subject: 50! Good on you!

I was victimized by marketing | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

My inner thought process: Oh, wow. That is so nice of them. What an excellent customer experience I’m having. And you know what, I do deserve an A+. I deserve something for my A+. Ohhhhh, I know what I need!!!!!

Two hours later, same day:

I was victimized by marketing | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

We did something bad today.

I got shorts. And I love those shorts. But I couldn’t leave without this bag….I really, really love my Lululemon bag. It’s sleek and black and has ruffles and about a thousand military style pockets, a bag for my shoes, a built-in sleeve for my laptop, long strap, short straps, a pocket for my chocolate bar… I feel I’ve maybe never had a bag that fit me so much.

I was victimized by marketing | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Food chain at play here: Gym sends me nice email. I like email. Email inspires me to buy new gym wear. Lululemon benefits. I now am happier going to the gym and am ready to write a great review with my sweat and blood. Gym benefits.


Okay… if your stomach is not yet turning from how pathetic this is… let me give you another chance to up-chuck (no pun intended)….

To: Lindsey Talerico

From: Les Mills

Date: 16 June

Subject: 100 visits! Nice going!

I was victimized by marketing | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Inner thought: WHAT???!!! I’ve checked into the gym 100 times? I totally rock! I need more Lululemon.

48 hours later:

  • 3 Lululemon stores
  • 2 pairs of shorts (because I liked the first pair so much)
  • 3 tops
  • nearly bought another bag, because it was on sale (I’m a willing victim of sale marketing… another post for another day)
  • headband
  • sports bra

When I get the 150 visit email, I plan to get a new pair of Nikes… which is like feeding my consumer soul dark chocolate and salted almonds.


Being kicked in the face by Chuck Norris… it’s really not that bad, especially if your wearing one of your favorite pair of gym shorts. So if you see a super fashionable person running in the window of the gym downtown, that’s me!  Call me dedicated, call me committed… One thing I know: I feel I can officially call myself victimized by marketing.

Somebody please tell me this happens to you, too.

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  • Katrina Taylor

    Girl, I HEAR you! I’m like a druggie whose addiction is Lululemon. Scott and I actually refer to them as “Lulu treats”…like they are a “treat” I get when I’ve done something good. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle…

  • nicole

    I LOVE this!! Do you do Les Mills body pump?

    When I saw the picture of Colin with those two bags posted on your FB page (linking to this post) I got a little sad inside. BECAUSE that’s the third time this week I have thought about one of my LuluLemon bags. This weekend I did a good deed (maybe to benefit myself?) and dropped off two bags of stuff at Goodwill. The line was really long to drop things off, but I was prepared. I had it all planned out.. I was going to give them the bag of stuff in the large no-important-name shopping brown bag and I was going to donate all the goods that were in one of my larger LuLu bags and keep the bag. I love those bags, they can’t have my bag, I’m sure they just toss them out anyway. But as I approached I got nervous. “How rude is it going to look to DUMP OUT your stuff? How silly is this going to look that you want to keep a stinking BAG from the “fancy” lulu lemon store in front of these workers? Are you really “donating items” or are you “dumping off your junk and keeping your *fancy* LuLu bag”??? So I chickened out and I handed them both bags. Just kind of standing there like “if he asks if I want to keep this bag, I am going to say yes, but ONLY if he asks first.”

    Awkward. He didn’t ask. Oh okay, “Well thank you so much! Have a great day!”  No, he’s still not going to ask you, get back in your car.

    And I have thought about that bag three times now since then (thanks Colin for *showing off* the fact that you have TWO Large-Oil-Cloth-with-the-snap-at-the-top-to-keep-it-closed Lulu bags. Three time since this went down on Sunday. 

    Yesterday I had the fleeting thought to go to Lulu …  (or at least outlet LuLu which is only 45 minutes away which with the cost of gas if I buy more than 3 items I have paid off that cost of gas versus paying FULL price for one item at the local Bellevue Square mall)…. to replace that LuLu bag. Which of course you don’t want to be uncool and go ask for a free bag. No, you have to buy something. But you can’t just buy a headband and yoga thong. For that you’d just get a mini LuLu bag. Of course. So, you have to buy pants and a hoodie. Or at least several tops, which might fit in a mini Lulu so to be sure you get that Large Lulu you spring for a jacket or pants, as well. 

    In anycase, I just decided that if Lindsey can buy Lulu based on an unrelated email (it wasn’t even FROM Lulu!), I can buy Lulu to replace my large LuLu bag. Who knew that donating to the Goodwill was going to cost me at least $150 to replace that bag? I need the inspirational quotes, you can’t put a cost on that.

    And P.S. you hereby have my permission to buy good quality yoga pants. I recently realized that my not-$100-a-pair fold over yoga pants from Victorias Secret become see through in the back after about 6 months of wear. Thanks hubby for clueing me into that. 

  • Body Pump!!!! Yes! When we first joined the gym we were actually really bummed our attire was so under the weather. My, how the tables have turned 🙂 Definitely, definitely go buy the bag you want. It’s a purchasing decision that must be made if your happiness and contentment with life is going to continue. xo.

  •  Vicious cycle…. I know NOTHING about that. Giving myself an advance on my paycheck to buy something extra is not a bad idea, right?

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