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Heaps of good stuff out there the last couple of weeks. Feeling loved by the interweb, the dreams of friends old and new, and the joy of end-of-work-week Fridays:) Cheers.


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Can’t resist sharing this with you first….

Social media geek joke | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren


Two posts I wandered upon writing You know you’re a social media junkie when… both worth a read: An open letter to the social media junkie and An open letter to the social media junkie

Jay-Z… gettin’ in our zone. // Facebook game from Jay-Z, “go from hustler-entrepreneur-business mogul”

How ‘Social Profiling’ Will Work In The Real World // My summary of the article: Basically, your Klout score is like pulling up to a party in your car — if you drive a Lamborghini, you will obviously make quite the impression pulling up. But if you show up in a Honda Civic, even if you are Bill Gates and just really like your Civic because you probably own Honda but have forgotten since you own so many companies, you still showed up in a Honda Civic.

Future looks bright to me… The Future Career of the Corporate Social Strategist

So much girl power in the social networking world… and so much of it is absent in the board room — what a brilliant example of old vs. new thinking of gender equality and market representation in the host seat: Can Tech Companies Continue To Innovate With No Women At The Table?

Grateful for blog posts that are already written. Makes sending that proposal via email much, much quicker. // How to Display Social Media Buttons

Our first blogging project together… more to come: Confessions of a social media manager on Richenda’s blog

Holy (yummy, creamy, iced milk from a) cow!!! I contribute to the ice cream conversation online… (am I proud of this? Perhaps I just feel better I’m in good company) // What People Really Want vs. What They Share on Social Media

Saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall (for the record, a real quality friend because I do think those exist even in a social-media-anti-real-relationships world)… Not sure if it is quite fair to ask the question if Facebook is the cause (and potentially, is to blame) for the social phenomena of congregation or separation… Our psychological issues best reveal themselves in times of social interaction, yes. But Facebook is merely a conduit for social interaction that millions of people have happened to flock to. It plays to our inner most social desires (and issues) and our human instincts. If we point a finger at Facebook, it should be to say – damn, those (insert your own imaginative word here) thought of it before us. But to blame? That would be like blaming the super market for a smoking habit just bc they sell cigarettes. // Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

Such a ridiculous amount of negativity towards Facebook lately. No, Facebook does not wreck marriages. People wreck marriages. // Does Facebook wreck marriages?


Call yourself a scientist? A Christian? Is evidence how you believe? Is “faith” how you believe? This is a really, really intriguing story of interest to you. Worth a read. Might surprise you in the end. // Professor, you are Christian, arn’t you, son?

Did I click on this link because it was stated as “conversation heating up?” Guilty! Because I know what “conversation heating up” means… it means it’s an article about religious dogma. // Homosexuality, the Bible, and Dan Savage

Outside influences either soften hard edges and refine impurities away, or they scar and burn and shrivel. // On Outside Influences ~ Marriage Letters from Joy

A 5 minute TED talk on… texting? Nancy Lublin, CEO of, on a crisis text line, advocacy and real time data. I’m fascinated about the way she sees these three pieces powering one another. “Texting has a 100% open rate. 11 x more powerful than email” // VIDEO: Texting that saves lives

Eeek… no credit. So, you’re helping people with “no skills”…?!

I read this article yesterday, & again last night, & again this morning… Oh, how we have much to learn. “…whenever you draw a line between us and them, bear in mind that Jesus is on the other side of that line.” //  Unions That Divide: Churches Split Over Gay Marriage

blog lately | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Tough times to be a book right now... unless you're erotic fiction.

Two gray titles, one sexy mix-up…  “He may have come for a spanking, but he left with a book about a piece of history that was hidden for more than half a century and he now knows that the Baltics are different than the Balkans. For me, the mix-up is a victory. E.L. James has unwittingly created a bustier for geography and historical fiction, and thanks to her, Lithuania has never looked so sexy.”

Charitable donors, NGO workers, general public — these are important lessons in “helping the world” we need to understand. Top five aid myths busted… on Why Dev.

In true “best line is last” fashion, I’d agree with this: Marriage is about finding a comrade, not ultimate contentment. It’s about finding a helpmate, not a healer.  I recently had a good deal of conversation with a friend on this very topic. That friend had convinced themself that I must be a happier, more content, less lonely of a person because I’m married. And while I am very all of those things, I think those things also fail to recognise the heaps of dysfunction you discover in yourself when you are married. Because marriage, in fact, doesn’t erase your insecurities, give you purpose, or make you whole. It means that you now have someone else who can help deal with all your issues… and sure that makes you a little less lonely. But it certainly doesn’t make you any more “better.”  // Marriage doesn’t solve your problems on

And for kicks… 5 expectations marriage doesn’t meet, also on

They just keep on comin’… and because, I’m sure, more than half the world is indeed single, I find this to be a true statement: Married people need single friends, too

The business climate, it turns out, is a lot like the weather. And we’ve entered a next-two-hours era. — Bring it on, Mr. Weatherman // This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business

Memories of adventure, anxiety, and Bolivia… My guest post on Sheep To the Right: Nine months too long

DESSERT FOR THOUGHT (from the minds of dreamers alike – for a full list: So long old dreams, hello new ones)

It’s like I always say — everything is better with a little brown sugar, avocado, or philosophy. // Flying from @StephenEllis_

And this is the post where my husband decided he likes Katrina’s blog better than mine:) I’d have to agree with him, too: Dreaming of reality

Dreaming… should it be this difficult? Maybe, yes. // The difficulty with dreaming

Little person, big dreams … there’s a TV show with a similar name to this in the states… (side note). <– What will I do when Joy’s blog rises to Narnian power and mine declines to Harry Potter in-the-age-of-Hunger-Games status. Sad day. At least I’ll have Joy in my life 🙂

Sooo sooo lucky to have friends like Richenda and Kyle. They’ve challenged us and inspired us and we’re 50x blessed over thanks to their friendship. And of course, pulling out the wedding vows — well, that is my kind of post. Strength for your dreams

Because beauty is in the eye of the dreamer — written by one, drop dead beauty… Hey now, hey now this is what dreams are made of

Hours have passed and I still think about the message of this post: Dreams and stories

Jackie and I vs. the unlived potential of our generation… a Twitter war a comin’. // Dream Chaser


Why you’re non-profit won’t make a KONY 2012…  Comment: You’ve hit the nail on the head exactly… unfortunately, what we’re talking about now is a complete 360, upside down change in organisational culture. (Of course, this is soooo much easier when you’re starting from scratch – as IC did a number of years ago). Would be keen to know your thoughts on if you think this is actually possible for a, say, 40-year-old organisation to do? 

I used to dream of saving the world… (Some of my) Comment: I feel totally and irrevocably in love with your writing (yes! a new blog to tune into). Childish grin on my face aside, reading your post challenged me to rethink what it means to “be”, as you’ve stated. I recently was having a conversation with a friend about happiness and contentment. I found myself saying things like — my most happy day would be when I’m nothing, not stressed, not worried, not having to plan, just… nothing.

Dreams of a weekend warrior… Comment: Couldn’t agree with you more — even a staring contest with Facebook (part of my 8-5 job) isn’t what I’d really consider “adventure.” But it plays a part that is sometimes macro in my dreams, and sometimes micro. And for that, I’m still thankful and will wake up tomorrow striving for new experiences and challenges, just as you’ve stated. Some may be less adventurous, less “dream” worthy, but they will still be worth pursuing. Also because I believe that while every dream comes with a compromise, that compromise is worth every penny.

Here’s my crazy ridiculous dream. What’s yours? Comment: I can’t imagine how lifeless (as in – without full experience of life and it all it has to offer) our world would be if individuals like yourself hadn’t listened to the still, small voice of God and walked into their dream. Thank you.

You’ve got to have a dream… Comment: (Deep breath, smile, and sigh) You are so right… dreaming seems so, yesterday… so 1990 sometimes, doesn’t it?

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If you read any of these, I’m keen to know what you think. And if I’ve missed any goodies, tweet them my way, will ya? @lindseytalerico

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