Nine months too long

(If you’ve already been to Carol’s blog, apologies… this is the pre-story.)

Ten months ago I had a bit a panic attack. I was in hurricane mode planning and coordinating our Bolivia bloggers trip that was less than four weeks away. On Sunday evening, I received two emails from two of our bloggers team — they weren’t going to be able to make the trip with us. That set me into DEFCON 1 and I set out searching, through recommendation and personal interest, for two bloggers who could join us in our international journey in less than a month’s time. Please, God, let them be awesome and already have passports. (I could never tell you I don’t believe in power of prayer because the good Lord brought our Bolivia team two of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met — Joy and .)

Five Minutes For Mom was so good to us — they set out a personal email to their most trusted contributors to gauge the interest and offer an exclusive invitation. Within 12 hours I had six responses from ready, willing, extraordinarily blogging mothers raising their hands to take a leap of faith with us. I was humbled and blessed.

I would’ve loved to have had an extra seat reserved for a sort of wild card blogger to join us last minute, that way our urge to invite one more wouldn’t be forced to be an opportunity missed.

Had we have had that wild card spot — I believe it would’ve gone to Carol. Carol was second (and literally only seconds behind Deb) in standing up, with bags fully packed, to join us in Bolivia. We weren’t able to extend our invitation to Carol this time around but it was fate to have met her.

Carol was one of many who blessed our team ten fold with support and prayers. We set on a journey to write a story together and just prayed that there would be some who might read it, might be inspired by it, might act on it. Carol shared that story with us — like our personal team angel. (Carol’s post What If? was written during our trip)

More recently Carol and I have exchanged emails back and forth sharing in each others dreams, chatting about blogging, web things, and World Vision — Carol’s good heart is featuring a different service organization or charity on her site each month in an effort to share with families how they can get involved in helping to meet the needs of others locally and globally. As this month’s featured organization happens to be my employer, Carol invited me to guest blog on her site. When I read her email, I practically fell out of my seat with glee (or maybe it was  jumped out of my seat and sing with glee?).

So I’ve written this for Carol, for her readers, for our Bolivia team, and for every the many faces who we remember (and will always remember) from our Bolivia trip who are imprinted on our hearts forever.

Nine months too long on [Excerpt]

We were taking a flight of faith, believing in new experiences and opportunity. Believing in friendship and trust. Believing in the work of World Vision.

It was everything we could’ve imagined and so, so much more.

Nine months too long | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Meeting my sponsored child...

Nine months too long | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

I cried as I watched Celestina cry for her son....

Nine months too long | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Would you have guessed that this little girl once at noodles from the ground?

I would be so thankful if you read the rest of our Bolivia story on Carol’s site today. XO. -Lindsey

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  • the_hatchers

    You honor me with your words. There’s no doubt the Lord brought us together. 🙂 Loved reading this. 

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  • Rndtalerico

    Love reading about your experience in Bolivia it warms my heart!

  • I missed you terribly when you were in Bolivia, but I am SO thankful and proud that you went. I love reading and hearing of these stories as you re-live them and cherish each moment and memory….

  • Off to read your blog post Nine Months too long at Sheep to the Right 🙂 looking forward to reading it!

  • Stephanie

    So sorry to be one of the bloggers that caused your “mini panic attack.” 😉

    In the end, it was all for the best. Our family traveled the country in an RV and served stateside, while following the adventures of the brave Bolivia bloggers. 

    Hope to be a part of a future team of “storytellers.” I also would recommend Darcie (@medarcie), Sarah (@sarahbessey), and/or Nicole (@pixeldesigngal). They’ve got a way with words! Or, if you opt to do a trip for pastors and business leaders, I suggest Tim Sheaffer (@TimSheaffer) and Jon Acuff (@jonacuff).

  •  Ditto. XO.