Who needs diamonds when a mum is a girl’s best friend

I have the most amazing mom.

Some mums are lovely and some are beautiful. Some are wise and some are caring. Some make you smile and some make you believe. My mum is all of that, and so, so, so much more.

My mum is lovely and beautiful… and fun, and really kind of funny (says Colin who always finds her jokes really comical). There is not an uncaring bone in my mother’s body. That’s one of things I love and admire most about her – she cares, deeply cares, for her family and our friends.

I know I’m lucky because mom and I share the kind of relationship that I would dream of if I didn’t have it. We share thoughts and secrets. We drink wine together, cook up scones together, and Zumba together. And we talk one another through our bad days and celebrate with one another in our good days. She is easily my closest and bestest friend.

As a teenager this posed to be a challenge since befriending your mother was right next to try out for the drill team (ironically, mom was captain of in her school days J) But through broken friendships, a few pre-Madonna heartbreaks, sports practices and general Lindsey-drama (which we were never short of), I always had my mother. I feel like I could write novels of the times she has been there for me – listened to me when I cried, gave advice knowing I may not accept it, gave me love when I didn’t always want it. She never left my side, even when I wished she wasn’t there.

I’m so, so glad college happened to me, and marriage happened to me and growing up happened to me because it meant that I got my best friend back; that I’ve grown up enough to love my mother for everything she has ever done in my life. Even more so for who she is my life now because I’m grown up enough to realize it.

Who needs diamonds when a mum is a girl's best friend | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Mom and I on the best day of my life.

When I was a kid I used to write letters to her begging to be like her one day – the mother who inspires me and is there for me making me feel safe and accepted all the time. I imagined no hero, no fictional character, no fairy tale could rival mom’s love and grace. And 20 years later, I still believe so.

To my mum, I love you. So much. More than anything I could ever say or express. I trust you more than anybody else in this world and I know you love me and you love Colin (and thank God you love Bella because I don’t know where she would live without you). Thank you for your daily words of encouragement and love. Thank you for carrying the burdens of our family often and making us feel light, but filled with joy. Thank you for just being there. I love you x a million, heaps and heaps and laundry loads full of love.

I named this post “who needs diamonds when a mum is a girl’s best friend” because it is absolutely true. Mum, you are my very best friend.

But who are we kidding… we like our diamonds, too. Love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Who needs diamonds when a mum is a girl's best friend | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Me, Colin, mum and dad... you know, living it up in Las Vegas.

Who needs diamonds when a mum is a girl's best friend | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

... and hanging out in the elevator 🙂

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  • Rndtaleric

    You just gave me the most precious gift! Thank you for those words and tears I just shed on this Mothers Day without you! I’m so thankful to have you in my life and it has been a privilege to be your mom. Can’t wait until we can all be together again. And your right we do still like our diamonds!! XOXO

  • So sweet, it’s so nice you have such a loving relationship and friendship with your mother! happy mother’s day!

  •  Thanks, Akhila. My mum makes for an easy friend Happy Mother’s day to you, too.

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