So long old dreams, hello new ones

There are few things that can motivate you as much as hope, love, faith and the eagerness of a dream.

I should’ve written this post a couple of months ago when dreams were a visibly hot topic in my life. But I skipped the opportunity. Actually, I procrastinated and I dreaded the topic. It didn’t seem right to dread your dreams so I chose not to write about it.

Five months ago, we took a giant leap of momentary insanity and decided to move to New Zealand – where the land overflows with lamb chops and Narnians. I accepted a position doing the job I love at an organisation I really respect. It’s the kind of situation I would’ve dreamed had I know it was actually possible.

But I was in knots with anxiety and dread. I was leaving all the dreams I knew.

I once sat in the back of a lecture room in a class called “social justice and the ministry of Christ” (my Bible college days may make for a worthy writing topic in the future). It was during that class I created this blog – seemed like a good idea, indirectly related to social justice or the ministry of Christ, but good God, when it’s easier to set up than automatic payments to the cable company, I’m going to do it). That class left a giant mark on my future. It inspired me to dream of using my life and whatever I have to offer to make some sort of small dent of difference in the world (and if all else fails, on the internet).

Two years later I sat in the back of another lecture room scheming for how quickly I could be done with this bloody degree, losing all those precious “ministry” credits I’d gained at college one. In my crafty plan to graduate early I saw how I could kill double the credits in one go: an internship. That internship turned into more than anything I could’ve ever dreamed of. I gained a (social media) soul mate and sister, invaluable experience that would shape the start of my career, and the realisation that whatever I do I can do with confidence that I’m in the right place at the right time.

That year I graduated two quarters early, my internship turned into a full time job (every intern’s dream), and I married my best friend. Such lovely dreams, and I was living them.

So long old dreams, hello new ones | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

bliss. dreamy bliss.

Once, on our couch in Puyallup, I said to Colin, World Vision should really have a blog. And I kept the rest of that thought a secret for the next half a year. But I dreamt of the day I would come into the World Vision office to sit down to a blank post page and a blinking cursor. I can’t describe why I dreamt that up, only that I knew story was the song of passion and a blog the modern songbook.

I suppose I never intended my workplace to play such a dominating role in my dreams. But it did, it has. Together, Richenda and I saw social media became a gateway of communication between organisation and supporter, believer and skeptic, cause and action. With the incredible support of colleagues I’ll owe a lifetime of gratitude, I managed the World Vision Blog for its first year of life where it grew and matured and was accepted inside and out. We blogged our way through new challenging and exciting experiences from topic to campaign to Bolivia. I was blessed with dream team after dream team who shared their talents and time.

So long old dreams, hello new ones | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

The team that lived our dreams together. This photo in the Bolivian airport.

So long old dreams, hello new ones | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Another dream: Sharing laughs with my sponsored child. This is Arminda.

When I accepted my current position with World Vision New Zealand I knew I had to leave all these dreams behind. Everything built, everything created, everything dreamt was about to become a memory in the distance (like literally in the distance).

I dreaded it, to be honest. My heart wasn’t aching because I was leaving my house and $10 Thai lunch specials. I ached with anxiety because I was leaving my dreams.

When I was in high school, I bet my college career that I’d spend at least two years studying abroad in some fascinatingly foreign land of accents and 1960s architecture. But at the end of my freshman year I met the man I’d marry. And my dream to live abroad ended when my dream to never leave him began.

Now I’m living in beautiful New Zealand, living in a melting pot of accents, with the man I love beside me; and with a job and a passion that has given me opportunity and experience beyond my preconceived world. It’s an old dream that must’ve wanted to time to refine itself because it’s better than the old me could’ve ever dreamed up.

Dreams are enthralling, aren’t they? They both shape our future while creating our present. Like they’ve studied us and know our destiny’s next move.

And in this move of all moves, from my rainy corner in the states to a windy corner down under, I’ve learned much about dreams and the hope that realises them. I’ve learned to write my hopes in stone and my dreams in sand.

Because my hopes have never changed. I’ve always hoped to love what I do, love who I’m with and love where I am.

But my dreams… those have been found to live and live and find ways of living on without me… and sometimes to reappear washed up better than new.

*          *          *

The writing of this post started just as dreams do — in a small, barely lit room in the back of my heart. Through prayers and tweets and Skype chats, this post wrote itself with the encouragement, support, and love of other dreamers. Richenda and I are hosting our first-ever link-up on this topic because we know dreams change, dreams teach us, and dreams come true. Please take the time to read her beautiful post Dream Catcher.

And here’s to being a part of each others dreams, too:

So long old dreams, hello new ones | Lindsey Talerico-Hedre

To my social media soul mate and sister on her wedding day.

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  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight into your dreams with me. It’s a dream of mine to move back to Auckland one day. You go on living my dream, girl! See you there sometime down the road 🙂

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  • That picture makes me cry! What a beautiful surprise, I am so glad you are in my life xo

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  • Hi Lindsey.Thank you for sharing your dreams. I’ve been so blessed just by reading your post. Thank you, too, for organising the ‘dream’ link up. It feels great reading all the posts!

  • Oh, Diwa… all the thanks is mine. Your writing with us, to me, is such sign of friendship and support (and I also think the 1/2 of us who’ve written who work for WV realise that without WV, we might have never known one another — and for that, I’m grateful to know you :>). Really, really enjoyed your post in an encouraging and comforting sort of way. Hope our work across our offices brings us together more often.

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  • Rindy Talerico

    I love reading you heart! It has been so wonderful to see u fulfill your dreams. One of my dreams was adopting and how blessed am I that it was you! Love you so much.

  • Joy

    Oh Lindsey! I loved this post, when I heard you were moving to NZ I was super impressed, but I don’t think I fully realised everything you were leaving behind! This > “I’ve learned to write my hopes in stone and my dreams in sand.” is massive wisdom, I hope I can remember it when I doubt my path and God’s plan.I can’t wait for some space to delve back through your blogs and read more of your stories. The more I read, the more I find our passions and dreams connecting. I think the universe has brought us together for a reason. Thanks for inviting me into your blogging world, I have lots to learn from you. x

  • This is lovely- you have achieved so many of your dreams. Thanks for sharing this and organizing this link-up. It has been inspiring to read all your stories and it has inspired me to start sharing mine too.

  • Cblaguardia

    I am so excited to be a part of this blogging family of dreamers! I’ve covered thousands of miles pursuing my dreams and I could still last a million miles. Thanks for making this #dreamlink happen!

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  • Stephanie

    Lindsey! This post is absolutely beautiful. 

    I especially liked this line: “I’ve always hoped to love what I do, love who I’m with, and love where I am.” I share that same hope – and am happy to say that I’m living right in the middle of it. 🙂

    Congrats on your move to New Zealand. I look forward to following your journey as you write your heart out here on your blog.

    P.S. What a beautiful bride you were! 

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  •  (Crossing my fingers) I hope we meet here, too! Best of luck in all your new dreams ahead, too.

  • Oh, Stephanie… you are so sweet. It was really an extraordinary thing
    for me to realize my hopes are not about what have and what I don’t
    have but are about what I’m doing, who I’m with and where I am. I find
    happiness a lot easier to find that way:) Really, really glad you feel
    you are living right in the middle of it, too. And you have heaps of
    reasons why… (such beautiful family of yours)

    I have really missed talking to you. What is your sweet family up to
    these days? And Audrey is sooooo precious… melts my heart to see your
    photos of her. Congratulations, big time. Hope we catch up! XO.

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