You know you’re a social media junkie when…

Typically the word junkie is used to describe someone who has a special addiction, consumed by a substance in such a way that aspects of their life actually suffer as they satisfy their addiction:  one who would rather buy drugs then take care of responsibilities like rent.

In the world of social media, those who would rather blog or tweet than take care of responsibilities like dinner and laundry could be classified by the same term. You might be LOLing yourself off your coach right now but this is very serious. If heroine is a drug, and love is drug (says Keshia), then there is really no reason to not accept that social media, too, can be a drug. Any addict proud enough to step forward will also admit that social media can totally be all consuming, influencing even the smallest of their daily decisions with the power to actually cause some aspects of their life to suffer if it satisfies their social media addiction.

Hi. My name is Lindsey. I am a social media junkie. It’s been 2 minutes since my last tweet.

Now will the real social media junkies please link up?!

The junk social media addicts feed themselves at 3 am when a Jack-in-the-Box taco just won’t suffice…

SIGNS YOU’RE A SOCIAL MEDIA JUNKIE (from the buffer feed of an addict):

  • You tweet-breviate everything… emails, text messages, campaign briefs, conversations with your spouse…
  • You spend time on Twitter the same way you watch the Bachelor – hours of your life go by before you realise you can’t get it back
  • Ten minutes of your day was once spent considering whether or not an “inside the delivery room” picture is appropriate to post to Facebook
  • Emoticons find really realistic ways of describing your feelings at any given moment. Whoever created those is genius!
  • Your colleagues think you’re elitist because you once said: “I’m becoming really popular on Instragram”
  • Vengeance is your mind’s immediate reaction when your spouse teases you his photo has more likes than yours
  • If there were a social media prom, you know you’d have one Klout-astic date
  • You’re a fan of modern art on Facebook. Exhibit A:

    Signs you're a social media junkie | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

  • Your spouse is upset with you you’ve spent more time talking to a good-looking Spanish man following hashtag #Dancingwiththestars
  • You scrapbooked the other night… and by scrapbooked, I mean you did some extra pinning on Pinterest
  • You think the pursuit of happiness begins with a Google search
  • You’re acutely aware that the moment you start tweeting about your personal life your follower count goes down at which point you grab a full glass of wine and redefine your strategy
  • Jungle fever, dance fever and Beiber fever — all experiences you’ve had living as an addict of social media
  • You got up at 4 am the other day to update your Facebook status (hitting the right time in all your friends’ time zones requires sacrifice)
  • You make a mental note to yourself that when you go see the next Twilight movie, you will not be checking in at the theatre
  • Twitter is your one-stop shop for all the latest goss: What’s happening on #GreysAnatomy tonight, Who’s the choice artist on #TheVoice, #Obama is where?
  • Your prayers include: Please don’t let Facebook take Pinterest, too.
  • It upsets you when mum doesn’t comment on your latest blog post… if only she knew the amount of self-confidence you gain through comments
  • It takes you only 10 minutes to come up with this whole list

*These signs are not a fabrication in any way and were collected from the real life experiences of myself and my social media soul mate. The post continues on her blog: Confessions of a social media manager.

So howa ‘bout it… Will you admit to being a social media junkie? What signs told you of your addiction?

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