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It’s been three months since I last published a blog lately post. That was pre-Hawaii, pre-Josh Powell nightmare, pre-move to the land down under, pre-Kony 2012 campaign. To make up for the absence, I’m blessing you with the top 40 posts I’ve read since then. Oh, don’t let my last couple of posts fool you, I have been filling my brain with more than just Hunger Games and it’s accompanying anxiety.


A very Wall Street Journal approach to the P/R risk issue social media is known to ignite (but also extinguish): The Short Life of a PR Fiasco 

Worth considering definitely… Although I’m not sure if the rightful question to be asking is “who’s worth more” but rather what is the worth of each platform (value-add to your brand), first. Then ask the worth of likes or followers. Makes heaps of difference considering the type of value individual platforms bring to your brand first, then followers on those platforms. Who’s worth more to a brand: Facebook fans or Twitter followers?

Kristof and WuDunn would be proud of this discovery: Empower women… not just in the developing world but in the first world of #socialmedia, too. // Why Women Are the Most Powerful Brand Ambassadors In the World on Social Media Today

From social media – PR: Finally, an infographic we can both agree on. Infographic: How to engage journalists on social media

Good article on why creating problems for your solutions is a backwards strategy. How to Fail at Content Marketing

My key takeaways:

  • People are forced to watch ads, but they self-select content.
  • If it appears that your content is really marketing in disguise, consumers will sniff it out and avoid it.
  • You have to calculate time into your strategy.
  • A good number of my initial engagements begin with “We want to make a video” and immediately the first question is “How much does that cost?” Which is the equivalent of asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

First social media article I’ve read from a New Zealander. Report back: Good! // Brand personality vs your personality: an exercise in better judgement

(*On returning to this post in draft form, I saved this next line, but forgot to save the actual article. If someone finds it, will you leave it in a comment for me? or tweet it to me? Please and thank you). This line says it all: break down the reasons (some legitimate, some not) large companies are bombarding #socialmedia.

Well, this was not what I thought it would be. Anyone care to make a (tweet) comment about this? Excuse Me, This Is A Family Restaurant

I do love a good debate…and put it on social media and it’s like chocolate for my soul. // 5 examples of how consumers are demanding change through social media efforts: David vs. Goliath – How Tweets Can Humble Even Giants

An infographic fitting for Spring season: How Major League Baseball Stacks up on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

A video recap of what we already know, but I always like the “don’t waste your time” social media reminder. Rule applies to much more than just blogs:) // Stop being crap online: Don’t start a blog

My inner geek was quite hard to control as I kept falling off my seat over the brilliant #conashable tweets & @Conanobrien @mashable #AprilFools takeover. Such sad short-lived fame… bloody brilliant while it lasted. Definitely need to remember to plan my own April Fools joke next year. // Conan O’Brien ‘Resigns’ as Mashable CEO

2.5 daily likes per1000 #Facebook users = 1250 likes/500K fan base. Anyone actually get those results? I wonder what the threshold is. // What’s Working in Digital Non-Profit Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Never. Then Id be tempted to write a blog abt it:) // RT @SocialMedia_NZ – US empl asking job applicants to…Would you give your Facebook login to land a job? – Would u?


No Harvard-Business-Review-caliber-of-quality, but still an interesting 8 points… 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

I have to say, there is much less of a problem with this in New Zealand than there is in the states. Something the Americans can learn from the Kiwis. That, and how to celebrate Easter with two days off and hot cross buns. // Why Working More Than 40 Hours a Week is Useless

Thoughts from the fellow student loan indebted? // “Nobody ever talks about generational conflict. Who wants to bring up that the old are eating the young at the dinner table?” — The War Against Youth: The recession didn’t gut the prospects of American young people. The Baby Boomers took care of that.

I’m not a Law & Order fan, but I did like his blonde, braided mullet: Chris Meloni Vs. Joseph Kony: Funny or Die, Enough Project Take on the LRA (VIDEO)


Mommy-blogger I am not, but in agreement with this line, yes I am! “And that’s a definition of womanhood I wholesale reject”… from Sex, Lies & Mommy-Blogging

Can I also add: “The Lord told me this was part of His plan for your life” and also “If you’re not struggling, you’re not growing”.  // What NOT to say to someone struggling with their faith

Can’t really pass up a title like this: A BLOG POST: IN DEFENSE OF A CHRISTIAN WOMAN’S IDENTITY…

Words of the wise: I had nothing to give them. When I was back in Australia, I thought about buying stickers or balls or toys, but I just knew that none of that crap was enough. You can’t eat a pencil … // So far out of my comfort zone that I can’t even see my privilege from here — World Vision Australia blogger in Niger

I’m Second-guessing Second Chances ~ #lifeunmasked // A thoughtful post on when second chances run out. As in, the second chance cup doesn’t always overfloweth.

The jokes on a lot of us 🙂 Hope we learn from your words.//  The joke’s on me

“We’re ready to rebuild in communities where a commitment to love and follow Jesus Christ is enough common ground from which to start.” from Rachel Held Evans “top posts” (which I scrolled through recently to distract me from work, and I’m so glad I did) The Future of Evangelicalism: A Twenty-Something’s Perspective.

The bigger picture we must not miss here: She returned. Can’t say the same for lots of friends, some family, and sometimes myself. // A little honesty and truth from Rachel Held Evans: 15 reason I left church and 15 reasons I returned to church

Written by a dear friend who inspires me every day. // Note to myself: TRUST

Rend your heart and not your garments — words on Lent, God and hunger pangs from a Deeper Story writer.

Title speaks for itself: Save your soul, do what matters. Worthy title, worthy author: Charles Lee.

Each time I read Joy’s memoirs of dear sweet Elli, I feel like I’m transported back in time to the moments she writes of. I read nothing but utter love, beauty and protection for her daughter. Your Baby Will Need a Heart Transplant


A nice note on some very nice things — cupcakes, Nordstrom, malls… nothing not nice about that stuff. // Retail Therapy on the ‘Sota is Sexy blog (recently reformed from “Seattle is Sexy”)

Always appreciate the honesty, wit and badass-ness of the dear (and truly very sweet) Nish Weiseth. Dear Nishy, Keep those tweets comin’. Some of us depend on tweet politics to, ummm, keep us up to date with what’s up in the political scene: Tweeting politics

Colin can relate all too well. Except the line I typically wear out is: “I did something bad today. I bought a new pair of shoes.” Then he loves me and forgives me and I learn no lesson and take advantage of his kindness again about two weeks later. How did we get so lucky?! // The Handbag of Shame and Manipulation


For a subject I know very little about but have a growing interest for, this seems fair. Developing countries deserve a greater say in World Bank governance // And I’m pleasantly surprised to see America called out for it’s lack of matching “deed with word.” Oh, the subjects we could turn this chat toward….

Hm. I actually think aid workers know their place far better than some groups. Like the church, for instance. // Know your place aid worker

The question of what’s best for someone else. (Sigh). Maybe more than INGO workers and the general public can learn from this question. Can’t it also apply to business management? Decision making? Maybe even competing work priorities? (Sigh, again). // What do the poor deserve?

Four posts on the Invisible Children Kony 2012 campaign were captured in this: Our part in the Kony 2012 narrative

“I think it should be switch-arooed. More money should go to Africa.” and “Dangit. This is bad, what is wrong w/ this country?”// Kids react to #Kony2012 & IC criticism:  Kids Want to Punch Joseph Kony [VIDEO]

J.’s got a point here (well, doesn’t he always?). And the song is quite catchy. // Love the way you lie — J.’s guest post on Shotgun Shack on the role donors can play in changing the INGO marketing message.

I admittedly recognise the name of one of these individuals — and that’s because I met him in person (That person is Raj Shah). Pretty pathetic I don’t immediately recognise the other seven listed. That’s like not knowing the name of your own CEO. // Eight people you should know in the aid industry

What are the best posts you’ve read lately? Have I missed any good ones? Tweet them to me @lindseytalerico or leave it in a comment. Cheers.

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