Hunger Games pangs, and a few other issues I have

Update, 27 March, Tuesday:

Hunger Games pangs, and a few other issues I have | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

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I’ve had some blogging anxiety writing this post. After the seriousness of my last post, Our part in the Kony 2012 narrative, I felt it a little unfair to introduce my latest indulgence (although Colin refers to it as an overnight addiction, for which it definitely is) with such girly, fantasy dramatization that it might sincerely affect the sobriety of this blog, or at least any lone reader’s impression of the author.

But I’ve decided to throw that notion out the window of our 5th floor apartment and reveal that I have, indeed, momentarily sold my soul to the Hunger Games hysteria. Only now, I suffer from HG fever of which the pangs are nearly nauseating. Except that the nausea isn’t actually from the book itself, it’s from the very little amount of sleep I’m on today because I stayed up all night finishing the first book in the trilogy.

Here’s what happened:

I’m a terrible fly-er. Actually, I’m a terrible sitter. I don’t do road trips or plane rides or long study sessions at the library well. So 12 hours before we set out for a 16 hour venture to our new home in the land down under, I asked for some book suggestions from friends on Facebook.

Hunger Games pangs, and a few other issues I have | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren10 of 12 comments suggested my new reading material be the Hunger Games trilogy. Because I once read one of the Harry Potter books and I did read the 4th Twilight book (I can never wait through so many books to know the ending), I figured the Hunger Games was somewhere up my alley. But my lack of good planning, and some issues with trying to get 4 iPhones jailbroke and unlocked the night before we left, had me at LAX through our first leg of the trip trying to get to the iBooks store on airport wifi. Of course, airport wifi is always a fail so I boarded the plane with no reading material and a little pouch with a sleeping mask in it in the seat pocket in front of me.

That little mask was like a little gift from Jesus because I slept for 9 of 13 hours on that flight and woke up just in time to watch one movie — the 4th Harry Potter (okay, I’m beginning to sound more fantasy, sci-fi geeky than I ever really thought I was).

In the 5 weeks since we’ve lived in Never Never Land, I have returned to the iBooks store 6 times, exiting each time with a sort of reader’s rage that the Hunger Games is not available = total lame sauce. So I’ve picked some other various reading material instead — a book by the first female Apache pilot in the British army, Half the Sky, and an Anne Lammott first. But no Hunger Games….

…Until yesterday afternoon. Bought it because the Hubstud found me a nifty $5 voucher to the local bookstore two days before, and since I consider any sort of sale or voucher or red sign a good reason to spend large quantities of money, I walked to the bookstore before we headed to the Markets and walked out with a few extra things.

I didn’t actually start reading it though until 10:00 pm. And it was 5:01 am this morning that I stopped reading, but a very accomplished reader I was. I finished the first book!!!!

Hunger Games pangs, and a few other issues I have | Lindsey Talerico-HedrenThen I slept in ’til 11:00 today, missing my class at the gym. Got up, put on a hat and walked back to the bookstore (the cashier yesterday gave me another $5 voucher) and bought the second book in the trilogy before heading to brunch to refuel.

Then this is what happened at brunch:

Hunger Games pangs | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

@colinhedren on Instagram: I probably won

Post-brunch I watched 3 trailers to the movie twice each.

I am really in a bind because I can’t decide whether I want Katniss to love Gale or Peeta. Gale is just so pretty. But Peeta, he sounds so lovely, too. She could runaway with Gale and live like Snow White in a cottage in the woods. Or she could have china and shortbread biscuits in a suburban townhouse with Peeta. (sigh) Like the same thing I think about Bella, these dumb girls just need to get over their weird, self-righteous indignation and pick someone to love back.

These thoughts have consumed me all night and I even dreamt that Peeta drives a Mini Cooper.

Yes, I have Hunger Games issues. Anyone else?

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  • I did that with the original Frank Peretti books (This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness). Was traveling and started reading one evening in a hotel (with my wife). I couldn’t put it down and turn out the lights. I ended up sitting on the bathroom floor and reading all night long, until I finished it!

    Totally threw my life (i.e., travel schedule) out of whack … but it was worth it.

    Haven’t read Hunger Games yet. I’m afraid the same thing might happen.

    We miss you here, Lindsey! Social media @ WVUS = just not the same.

  • desi

    I read them about 3 months ago…went to Walmart in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to get the next ones. So good! Witty, government control vs. self freedom vs. social obligation, and raw…

  • I can totally picture you on the bathroom floor so engaged in some life-changing book you can’t put it down 🙂 And if you do, I feel like I’m in good company. As far as The Hunger Games, you’re probably a quicker reader than me — so you could bang it out in say, 6 hours or so. Thanks also for the kind words, your wisdom in my every day life & work are sorely missed.

  • Awww Walmart (I might actually be drooling). There are no comparative places to Walmart here. And let me tell you, if there was, I would’ve been walking there at 5:02 am to get the next book. I forced myself to sleep with the promise of getting the next one tomorrow. Miss you friend.

  • Thanks Lindsey, likewise!

    And this may surprise you, but I’m a very SLOW reader. I used to spend a lot of time reading, now I spend more time listening to audiobooks (partially due to eyesight issues, I’m legally blind). But I think the reading issue is mostly that I read for comprehension. I often go back and re-read paragraphs.

    With the exception of fiction (which I usually read start to finish), I also read numerous books simultaneously. Bits and pieces. Which drives some people nuts. I have a lot of books sitting on the headboard of my bed, and scattered around my office.

    Thank God for Kindle, it has made my life a lot easier in that regard. I travel much lighter now!

  • jack1e0

    You and I are a lot alike. So is Colin and Kyle. I showed your photo to Kyle and he laughed. Apparently, I completely ignored him for 10 hours straight as I read book 2 and 3…In fact, I don’t believe I spoke to him for that entire time other than a few grunts and nods of my head.

    Also, I can totally relate. There is this inner turmoil that took over my mind for like a week….So much to process, think through, question, be angry about, be sad about…all in all, loved every minute of it but I’m glad I can have my head space back

    Can’t wait to read your follow up blog post once you read ALL of them…XO!

  • 10 hours doesn’t seem bad to me. Not when you consider what I’ve done: I’ve now tuned Colin out for a week straight, I’ve turned instead to coffee and the books and now I’m seriously inspired to buy a Kindle (and some sort of fabulous Etsy case for it). All because of Hunger Games. Makes me feel invincible, like I could actually continue reading other things after this — hence, the Kindle. So… basically, Hunger Games has already cost me my soul and sanity, and now may very well cost Colin $200 more. Miss you!