3 videos to keep you in the Christmas spirit

Nothing like some Youtube surfing to get keep you in the Christmas spirit. I’ve unintentionally chosen 3 videos all on the Christmas story specifically. Enjoy! And be glad I didn’t embed the Justin Beiber one in this post 🙂

*     *     *

“The Christmas Story” as told by Elias

I’ve watched this more time’s Elias’ dad has. Seriously.

*     *     *

A kiwi Christmas story

Since I am in the Christmas and New Zealand spirit 🙂 Originally sent to me by my new boss to help me work on that accent.

*     *     *

The digital nativity story

For other internet geeks who also love Jesus. And Christmas time.

*     *     *

Merry Christmas from Colin and I to you and yours. Hoping your holiday is filled with love and joy x a million!

*     *     *

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  • ARS

    I love it! THANKS!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD for you guys! (and I am sharing the 2nd video on my FB 😉 )

  • Miss you, friend! Merry Christmas x a million to you!