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Some old, some new… and a few in between. Enjoy.

(Worth mentioning: I added about 6 new posts to this edition of blog lately just last night while I waited for 502 wedding pictures to upload to my Costco account. Probably by the time this post publishes, they will still be uploading.)

Blog lately is a periodic publish of my latest interweb readings. See the blog lately archive for my nonsensical bookmarking.

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Favorites this series

From one of my favorite bloggers (and friends) Joy Bennett on the Deeper Story: I am not your holy spirit

One thing that is bound to make my morning are surprise tweets from old friends. I got this tweet on a Tuesday morning from Melissa. Read it and you’ll know just why it’s made my morning for the whole week: Goodbye Forever 

From my Facebook wall: I’m an “edgy Lady-Gaga-plus-Jesus-loving young MARRIED woman”… Colin Hedren — I’d really like this for Christmas. (Thanks Matthew Paul Turner for the nice ideas) … Handcrafted gift ideas for that Jesus-loving fanatic in your life…

As if I ever need another reason to love the writings of Laura Reinhardt… Rooftops, full bellies, and prayers (blessings 4-6)

My favorite so far of the Kirsten Stearns blogs from World Vision’s True Spirit of Christmas Trip currently in Sri Lanka: Today’s experience in Sri Lanka was one I wish every staff and donor of World Vision’s could have. While milking Chooti the cow, I laughed harder than I have in ages. While hearing Irangani’s story, I cried with more sorrow but also more joy than I knew I could. (from: DAY 4 VIDEO AND BLOG: The story of a cow named Chooti)

This is the comment I left on one of Joy’s latest blogs — The Myth of Animosity: Join Our Peaceful Revolution // Dear Joy — You teach me so much… without a doubt, you are one of the wisest, most humbling people I’ve ever met. Thanks for this post, among many others, that reminds me of the “reality”, the truth, and the challenge. // For those who have wondered about the differences and similarities between World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, and Compassion International…

“So what does the Occupy movement want?” — Ahhh, a question we are all asking. EE’s convo with an Occupy: San Fran protestor

A fair question to ask, I do believe…. Fellow Christians: If you endorse this type of abomination, can you really question why our faith receives a bad name? Would you like your right to practice your faith freely to be placed to a public vote? How about your marriage? What if members of another faith advocated for just that? How would you feel about that faith? (from: Voting on someone else’s rights: The fad that never gets old)

One more post from the same author as the one above… Recognizing what we have — before it’s gone // To be clear, I still like Black Friday. I find it a rather exhilarating experience. I’d imagine it’s the closest an addict shopper can get to an overdose (wait, does that make it a negative thing, then? sigh). I’m only posting it here because the author’s snarky tone and witty use of dry humor is commendable, if I do say so.

On social media

Took my awhile to wrap my head around this one (with the help of a professional web content strategist to talk to). Agree or disagree? // Retweets now represent sign of approval and personal opinion, says @AP — #socialmedia

Interesting tid bits: But in social media lack of exposure only means lack of exposure – your audience is still following you…. In the social world, it is better to do nothing than to do something that people do not like…. it is worse to post something that people do not react to, than to post nothing at all.

For what it’s worth: Beyond Facebook Analytics, The Guide.

#2, yes. And I’ll think about #3. 4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans

Animal Issues Get More Social Love Than Disaster Relief [INFOGRAPHIC] // I guess I’m unsurprised. It’s true that even I post more photos of my pup on Facebook than I do about disasters around the world. (self-pity sigh)

After reading this post, I sent out this tweet: “Interesting post. I can agree with parts of this post. Other thoughts?” … followed by an email to several of my content creation and curation colleagues. As you can imagine, there was resounding – “whatchou talkin’ bout, Willis!?!!” to this post. Thought it would be fun to rouse my content friends against Jeff’s article in a little innocent fun. // Is Content King… REALLY?  from @jeffgoins

“A new study suggests that social media is one of the least effective tools for boosting customer loyalty.” … what? That can’t be right… can it? Intriguing post from that made it into the Smart Brief on Social Media today: Can Social Media Hurt Customer Loyalty?

A few new insights on engaging with your “fans” on Facebook: Comments 4x More Valuable Than Likes from Edge Rank Checker (thanks for the recommendation @JoyDot). The most interesting piece of the post underlined.

  • Wednesdays had the best Shares ratios along with the highest Clicks ratios.
  • Friday did poorly in Clicks
  • Smaller Pages are able to create more relevant content for their fans, which ultimately results in higher Clicks and Shares. This may be further indication that large brands should make multiple Pages to narrow down their audience.
  • Current popular objects that are being Shared are funny and/or entertaining images or videos.

A few more…

Did you know the New York Times has a section called “Giving”? Apparently, it’s for articles like this: Somalia’s Agony Tests Limits of Aid

Awww… a sort of scavenger hunt. Thinking about how we could adapt this idea for something else… Where will Matt be Monday? Here are two clues

Introducing Matthew Paul Turner to the World Vision Blog: Feeling gratitude — from the heart (Blessings #1 and #2)

Inaccurate data? (sigh). Some noteworthy points of the article… “It doesn’t get either side of the equation right — how much the poor have or how much they need. No one really trusts the data.”  … food stamps and tax credits. Combined the two programs delivered $221 billion across the country last year, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, more than doubling since 2006.

I’m including a shameless plug here because this post took forever to put together…Let’s just say it was going to be “50 gifts under $50” until I got to gift #27 and realized that was an insane ambition for a single post. Holiday gift guide: 30 meaningful gifts under $50

From Elizabeth Esther My thoughts on @Anderson show airing tomorrow: speaking imperfectly is better than remaining silent #NoMoreDeadKids // And a few of my quick thoughts: “Emotionally charged & biased” Elizabeth is my favorite 🙂 [My advice to EE: Don’t sweat it, pretty lady. Passion is almost always mistaken for opinionated]

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