A chicken stir fry Thanksgiving (#245-#274)

In my own one thousand gifts pursuit, I’ve been slowly but steadily tracking the goodness in my life: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, 27-27, Breaking past the first 100… (101-132), The Zumba booty pump, weddings and strengths finder… (#133-#195)… Last week I blogged from Maui [POG, pancakes and beautiful sunsets… (#196-#244, Maui edition)] and tonight, I type from my couch, in between Colin and Bella after a delicious Thanksgiving feast of homemade cashew chicken stir fry.

The rest of my family is on their plane ride home from Hawaii at this exact moment. A bad cold, ear-deafening cough, and lack of voice have kept Colin and I from trucking on down to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving there — our normal Turkey day tradition. But this year, in a split decision, we decided to keep our germs and flu symptoms to ourselves and spend the holiday at home. So I made chicken stir fry (#245).

A chicken stir fry Thanksgiving | Lindsey Talerico

But the 20 pound turkey is out dethawing in our garage for when my mom comes by at 1:00 am tonight to pick it up on their way home from the airport. Mom and I are cooking the normal Thanksgiving trimmings tomorrow for a family night, of which, I’m really excited about. I haven’t had Thanksgiving at home in five years, since I met Colin. We usually spend it with his family and Christmas with mine (I’m a “family Christmas” snob, or maybe it’s a “family Christmas” whiner). This year, thanks to nasty recycled in-flight air that made me sick, we get both holidays here (#246).

Quick story about the turkey…. On Monday, I called to ask my mom what size turkey I was to buy at the store to have it ready and thawed for her by the night she came home to cook the next day. She said 12 pounds or so, that would be plenty. But when I got to the store, I found that turkeys are soooooo cheap (#247) I couldn’t help myself. So I bought a 20-pounder instead. Now, we will really have plenty (#248, left-over turkey sandwiches).

In an escape from traditional Thanksgiving for us, we also saw the new Twilight movie today (#249). Oh, you don’t celebrate the pilgrims by attending an on-screen wedding between a human and a vampire? Pity.

And as soon as I complete this post, we’ll spend the rest of the evening catching up on our TV shows (#250) we missed the last two weeks — some Hawaii 5-0, a little Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice… and we’ll see what else we can fit in before Colin falls asleep and I spend the next three hours up watching online tutorials about Photoshop by myself (oh, wait! That was last night).

Many, many more reasons I’m thankful today….

Friends, family and Facebook friends who have liked my new pictures today (#251). A hubby who does all my dishes (#252). Jamming through some Black Friday blog magic for tomorrow (#253)… stay tuned for that. Making up new words (#254) and other people who make up new words (#255) — the newest one I’ve been told about… churchified, which, if I’m not totally wrong, is an adjective and would be used like this: Attend church tonight or not? Be churchified or not?

Some specifics from this week: Sweet, sweet text messages from Joy Bennett (#256). Sharing blog posts like this one from Melissa Nesdahl (#257). Chatting with Rachel Held Evans (#258). Starbucks outings (#259). Panera Bread lunches with good work friends (#260). Gleaning from the wisdom of wise colleagues (#261). Chocolate covered macadamia nuts (#262). Chicken broccoli quiche (#263). The quality writing of Laura Reinhardt — Rooftops, full bellies, and prayers (#264). A thoughtful guest post from Matthew Paul Turner — Feeling gratitude — from the heart, not the spoken word  (#265).

Some random extras: Airborne (#266). New hippie pants (#267). Beautiful, loving nephews (#268). The color red (#269). Our first home, for being “home” to us (#270). Those cough drops that taste more like candy than they do medicine (#271).

My family has recently discovered group text messages (#272). It reminds me of when my dad first learned how to text message — after he learned it, he started text messaging allllllll the time, and is usually offended if you don’t text him back right away. This is a similar thing.

All my Bolivia blogging friends (#273) — I love you all x a million!

And the beginning of the best time of year (#274).

* * *

Counting more next week….

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