POG, pancakes and beautiful sunsets… (#196-#244, Maui edition)

Tracking the goodness in my life…. [start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, 27-27, Breaking past the first 100… (101-132), The Zumba booty pump, weddings and strengths finder… (#133-#195)]

I spent a majority of last week stressing over work, believing I wasn’t going to finish everything I needed to before leaving on vacation. In my particular position right now, being gone for a week doesn’t exactly mean my week’s work comes to a halt. The reality is that if I’m gone for a week, I essentially have double the work to do before I leave — two weeks worth of work to complete before I’m gone. I spend my pre-vacation time stressed rather than anxious for the paradise that’s awaiting me. On Friday night at 6:00 pm, I found myself still in the office, hurrying like mad to finish my work. I finally got out of the office around 7, went home to finish packing, then headed up to the airport to stay the night. The rest is history (#196) ….

We boarded our first flight at 7:45 am. I came complete with a whole wheat bagel and cream cheese (#197) and my happy, smell good carry-on luggage (#198).

#198... carry-on luggage | Lindsey Talerico

In-flight entertainment included some nice Hawaiian music and “The Help”, which was actually a very cute movie.

And then there was POG (#199). And it was good.

I worked for an hour or two of the flight, getting some FY12 plans completed that have been on my list for about a month now. It’s nice to have some real downtime to get some things done (#200).

We arrived to Honolulu where we hopped on board the wiki-wiki to catch our transfer flight to Maui (#201).

#201... wiki wiki ride | Lindsey Talerico

While we waited, baby Jaxon took a nap on Colin’s shoulder (#202). (instragram).

#203... sleepy Jaxon | Lindsey TalericoAll filled up on airport chinese food, we boarded our flight for the last leg of the trip. I read the latest edition of Relevant while we’re on the plane (#203). Colin slept.

…And now I’m writing this from Hawaii (#204), where the air is warm (#205) and the smell is sweet (#198). We arrived to 80 degree sunshine (#206) — certainly not in the Pacific Northwest anymore.

This is a particularly special vacation for us for a number of reasons… It’s our merry Christmas celebration as a family (#207). Mom and dad had the grand idea this year of flying our family to Maui instead of getting Christmas gifts. It’s absolutely perfect because none of us need anything for Christmas. But hey, we’ll take a tan (#208), a pina colada (#209) and some good family time (#210). Not to mention banana macadamia nut pancakes (#211), butterscotch whipped topping (#212), warm, clear ocean water (#213), and rental cars (#214, we love rental cars).

Four years ago, our immediate family of 5 went of this same vacation (#215)– mom dad, brother, sister and I. I had just left for college. It was the first time in our family that we’d lived in different states from one another so meeting in Hawaii was like a bit of a reunion.

(If you want a funny side story, keep reading here, otherwise, skip this next part)
The morning I was to be dropped off at the airport to catch my flights to Honolulu then to Kahului, I actually woke up really late… really, really late. As usual, I set all my things out (including my plane outfit), the night before. It was a good thing because I wouldn’t have had time in the morning to finish packing. I set my alarm for 3:15 am, knowing that I needed to leave my dorm by 4:00 am to get to LAX by 5:00 am with enough time to get through the wild security before my 7:00 am flight. I woke up to several phone calls in a row from Colin, who was my boyfriend of about a month at the time, around 5:45 am. I distinctly remember answering the phone groggy and tired and he said only one thing, “I’m on my way.” I looked at the time, popped up in a flash, grabbed all my things and headed out the door. Colin and I hardly spoke the whole way to LAX. He was driving nearly 100 mph. I didn’t argue with that given how late we were getting there already. It was amazing actually — the lady at the counter took my luggage just in time, I quickly found my way through security, walked up to my gate and straight on the plane… not a moment to spare.

Later I found out that my dad was quite angry, thinking I was going to miss my flight. And Colin thought this would be the end our relationship, or at very least, the end to his reputation with my family. But in fact, the worst thing that happened all day that day was that it wasn’t until about 4pm that I actually had the chance to brush my teeth.

(Okay, back to what this post was really about)

Finding vacation essentials (#216).

#216... vacation essentials | Lindsey Talerico

Locally grown apple bananas — they’re bananas that are sweet like apples. (#217)

Hawaiian fried rice from The Gazebo restaurant on Napili Shores (#218).

Downtown Lahaina (#219).

Shrimp from Bubba Gump’s Shrimp (#220).

New matching hats. (#221)

#221... new hats | Lindsey Talerico

Sand castles (#222).

#222... sand castles | Lindsey Talerico

Fresh pineapple spears (#223).

Scenic, beach side morning runs (#224).

Dad’s homemade pina coladas (#225).

Becky’s homemade green sauce enchiladas (#226)

Beautiful lunch time views (#227).

#227... beautiful lunch time views | Lindsey Talerico

Mountain side, moped rides (#228).

#228... moped rides | Lindsey Talerico

Julia’s banana bread (#229).

Sandy toes (#230).

Purple sunsets (#231).

Tiki torches, the real kind (#232).

Leaving the doors and windows up at night to let the cool breeze come through (#233).

Playing in the pool with Uncle Tolin (Colin and Uncle Pory (Tory) (#234).

#234... playing Uncle Tolin and Uncle Pory | Lindsey Talerico

Whale faces. (#235).

#235... whale faces | Lindsey Talerico

Okay, I have to include this one: I’m a total fan of Nixon watches. I have 3 right now, although I should retire one of them. And I’m kind of a watch snob… I love watches. And the Nixon collections here are insane…. there are so many different styles and nearly every store carries them. At home, there are probably 2-4 styles and the only store that carries them is Zumiez. So Hawaii, good job with the watches and I might have to get one before I leave (#236).

Island music (#237).

Pool-side happy hour (#238).

Coconut acai bowl (#239)– they have these amazing granola bowls at the Farmers Market here. Organic granola on the bottom, fresh blended acai and mixed berries, topped with banana slices, strawberries, and coconut shavings. Mmmmm…. one of the best things on this island.

Watching Ryder swim in the kiddie pool for the first time (#240).

Going to sleep with warm skin from the sun (#241).

And some extra blessing shout-outs go to the neat things happening while I’m out of the office (that stressed me out like crazy before I left).

GIVEAWAY: Win a new t-shirt from GIVEN, inspired by World Vision! (#242)

Giving Christmas away  (#243)

Not too long ago, I received the kindest of emails from Marina, the famed Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy from the Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports blog. Marina shared with me an idea she and another blogger had about using their social media influence to inspire readers to make Christmas meaningful for more than just their own children this year….

And one more that I have to include because it’s so sweet. A short video of our little pirate from Halloween. (#244)

*     *     *

Counting more next Monday (or sometime next week)….

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