The Zumba booty pump, weddings and strengths finder… (#133-#195)

Tracking the goodness in my life…. [start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, 27-27, and Breaking past the first 100… (101-132)]

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Last week, or it could’ve been the week before, I was reading one of Joy’s recent thousand gifts post and was inspired to try counting in a new way this week. Here goes…

I have a bit of a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with Zumba. I love the loud music, the dance moves, the old ladies and weird men trying to keep up on my left and right (#133). But the booty pump… I’m growing to hate. The belly-dancing and Beyonce shake, I’m getting there (#134). But the booty pump is one of a few moves I just cannot get down. Thank God I have a legit nephew who’s got the moves like Jagger to teach me (#135).

Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

I’m thankful also for our Sunday routine (#136) — sleeping in (#137), forcing ourselves to go to the gym where I complain for about the next 45 minutes until I resort to believe it was was worth in (#138), rewarding ourselves with Starbucks (#139), then shopping and running errands, which today consisted of Target and the grocery store (#140). After a couple of hours trudging around town, we get cleaned up and head out to the Spaghetti factory (#141).

Actually admitting the I like comic-book movies (#142). Transformers (#143), which my husband has on right now. Ironman (#144). X-men (#145). But Thor wasn’t so good, so it doesn’t make this list.

I’m always thankful for new friends (#146). And for catching up with old ones (#147). And missing ones I don’t get to see often.

I have a crazed obsession for pretty weddings (#148). Pretty, dreamy weddings have taken over nearly all of my pinterest pins lately, planning for my little sister’s summer 2010 wedding (#149). I’m especially loving the ruffled cakes (#150), the neutral-colored bridesmaids dresses (#151), and the antique glasses (#152).

Speaking of weddings, I sure love cake pops leftover from someone else’s wedding (#153), too.

One more note on weddings and love… On Monday Colin and I will celebrate four years as a couple (#154). On October 10, 2007, he asked me to be his girlfriend, like a true gentlemen. Two years later on the same day, he asked me to be his wife (#155). So this week, we are celebrating with thai food (#156) and cards (#157) — we do “no presents, cards only” anniversaries given that we celebrate every month. Starting this year, we also now share an anniversary with my brother and sister-in-law who got married last year on this day in Hawaii (#158).

More things to be thankful for this last week: surprise text-messages from sweet friends (#159). Discovering old clothes I thought I’d lost in my closet (#160). Time with my nephews (#161). Winter socks (#162). A winter coat for Bella (#163). Long, vision-filled, encouragement-filled, sisterly Skype conversations with Richenda (#164). Welcoming back a married cube-mate (#165) and stalking his wife and his new wedding pictures (#166). Reading from Evolving in Monkey Town for morning devotions (#167). New formats for live blog posts (#168).

Celebrating after after a 30-minute strengths finder test with a homemade chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Tiffany (#169).

Lindsey Talerico-Hedren | Instagram

And my five strengths — 1. individualization (#170), which essentially means I value the unique aspects of individuals. 2. connectedness (#180), this is my hippie strength, meaning I think all things are somehow connected. 3. strategic (#181), well, that’s self-explanatory. 4. command (#182) which is a kind way of saying that I don’t mind taking charge when no one else is. and 5. ideation (#183), I’m motivated by ideas.

And a few more….

Reigniting the philosopher in me (#184) — note here that I don’t think “greatest happiness principle” is an accurate way to describe utilitarianism. Saw this floating around the twitter-sphere (#185).

Floating around the twitter-sphere.... | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren

Saturday cruisin’ around town (#186).

Lindsey Talerico-Hedren | Instagram

Having a nice team of 2-10 monitoring my work so much that I get personalized text alerts when our servers are down (#187).

My first fall outfit of the season (#190). I was waiting for the rain to really set in before I busted out the boots. Free white papers (#191). An updated resume (#192). Pretty anniversary roses from Colin (#193). Feeling refreshed (#194). Blogging for fun (#195).

* * *

Counting more next Monday (or sometime next week)….

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