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A list of my latest interweb readings…

On social media, blogging, and content creation

Thanks @justinbrasser for the article. // How to publicly humiliate a self-proclaimed #socialmedia guru

Good advice from a blogger I respect very, very much for the way she approaches hot topics: Hot Topics & Haters: A How-To Guide. from Nish Weiseth.

Sent to me from an editorial colleague on the structure of creation, curation, and community focused teams. The Seattle Times: Newsroom reorganization reflects new priorities

Rethinking stickiness … Is “stickiness” a thing of the past? — Smart Blog on Social Media

The anti-social media strategy: socially blind campaigns. Are We on the Cusp of ‘Social Blindness’? via Ad Week.

Agree with #2, #3, and #5 for business… #1 and #3 for personal.– 5 ways to create compelling content on the American Express Open Forum

On humor, faith, love, happiness & faith

I was attracted to this article from Rachel Held Evans when I saw this tweet: rachelheldevans: Are evangelicals wrong about the gospel? … Needless to say, I responded with this: Oh, I’m constantly wrong fore sure. RT @rachelheldevans: Are evangelicals wrong about the gospel? — Do we have the Gospel wrong? on

Celebrating the life and love of a very special person… although I never received the chance to meet Sara face-to-face, her emails blessed me in ways that I cannot compare. This is Jessica Turner’s post, along with 165 others, who write to honor Sara. Choose Joy: Celebrating Sara — The Mom Creative

Thirteen Years — Happy anniversary, Joy and Scott!

Journeys of a Religious Misfit, Part 2: Accidental Fences // Rachel Held Evans

Crazy stuff starts happening when you actually LIVE your faith // From my favorite heart-blogger: Elizabeth Esther

Even though I’ve only spent 8 days with Joy and I’ve never met Scott, I love their family very much and think about them often… Hello, my daughter died from Scott on

Shameless plug: Life: unmasked — I sleep while I meditate

I really like this new column from Elizabeth Esther… “How do I submit to my husband and still maintain a sense of self?” {Advice Fair-EE}

Thoughtful post on the Deeper Story: Just hear me

A few posts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

“…CSR should cease to be a subset of activities/projects within the larger corporate mission, and should become instead a guiding principle of the corporation in the exercise of its mission… one cannot deny the extent to which institutional interests drive INGO behavior, in particular the survival of the organization or of the jobs and way of life of its staff…” — The Corporate Responsibility

“The humanitarian world lacks a clear line beyond which negotiations with a donor, any donor, corporate or other, are terminated categorically on the basis of principle. This is a line that we desperately need to draw, and draw soon…” — Draw the line on Tales From the Hood

“Most (all?) of the bloggers bemoaning the evil corporation and its cynical CSR programmes are from the West, the same West which is responsible for invading other countries, all sorts of unfair trade rules, refusal to acknowledge responsibility for pushing the world to the brink of eco-catastrophe, and other assorted evilness….” — Beating up on Evil Inc — Bottom Up Thinking

“1. CSR is marketing, so the alternative is more Charlie Sheen. ….The marketing imperative leads to some discomfort with CSR. If it’s all about marketing, then it exists to promote the donor’s others goals and it will come with restrictions that serve those interests. The marketing imperative distorts the good that could otherwise be done with the same resources….” — CSR: J., Charlie Sheen, Karl Marx, and Office Space on Find What Works

Don’t forget Peter’s post on CSR on my blog: — Corporate social responsibility: sexy, sensible…self-serving? //

And a little more….

I left a long (and bit dramatic, but realistic) comment to this post: “The consultant’s conclusion after weeks of intense study was that the best way to ensure that women don’t fall off the career track was to have their babies later on in their career, once they were established.” … on Finding the G-spot on Tales From The Hood

I always appreciate a good post on leadership, management or the in-between… Agree with #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #11 // The 11 Leadership Styles You Must Avoid

Hm. Any blog named Values & Capitalism deserves a second look, but you know… conjures up quite the number of presumptions. Reconciling the Good and Evil of Sweatshops

And of course, I’m always interested in the latest debate in the aid blogosphere: Has Advocacy Reached Its Lowest Point? on A View From The Cave

In the spirit of political-religious debate…. religious hiring rights — decision of the church? or the state? Obama’s lawyers bid to regulate religious hiring — Yahoo News

More blog lately coming soon… in the mean time, tweet me some articles you find worth reading @lindseytalerico.

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