Breaking past the first 100… (101-132)

Tracking the goodness in my life…. (start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, and 27-27)

101. Tonight mom and I finally started Zumba. We’ve been talking about it for months and since my sister’s work friend is a Zumba instructor at our gym and can give us a month free, there really is no legitimate reason for our delay. On Saturday, when we went to work out, we picked up the schedule of classes on our way out. Monday night Zumba — 6:00 pm. So for our first night, we figured we’d get there early for any sign up or stretching or pep-talking we might need time for. 5:40 we walk in… and to our fear, Zumba has already started. Seems the silly gym-salesman at the front desk have the class times printed wrong. And after a rather embarrassing first-Zumba experience, we agreed to not miss warm-up next time.

102. date nights at the movie theater (a rare occasion)

103. mornings that start like this…

#120. | Counting again | Lindsey Talerico

104. reposting favorite blogs — Confessions of a sponsorship skeptic

105. chiffon dresses

106. a new pumpkin bar recipe with homemade cream cheese frosting… mmmmmm

107. spaghetti factory sundays

108. new tupperware (this is how I know I’m totally domesticated)

109. flowers from the market

110. I like my whole house, too 🙂

111. a snuggling puppy that keeps your feet warm

112. cute little outfits for baby girls on sale at Target

113. memories of Bolivia, and posts that help remind me

114. dinner conversation with my favorite person (that’s you, Colin)

115. new personality tests that make all your flaws look like strengths

116. the little flecks of ice that build on your mint chocolate chip ice cream when you add a little milk to your bowl

117. a king-sized bed — a major upgrade from a twin-sized dorm bunkbed

118. the fact that a tall skinny caramel macciato is only 100 calories

119. busting out the winter pajamas — which for me means tall fluffy, striped socks, old navy pj bottoms, an old “Brand New” hoodie and a t-shirt I got playing T-ball in kindergarten… totally sexy.

120. encouragement from unlikely places (this picture tagged on Facebook by someone)

#103. | Counting again | Lindsey Talerico

121. morning debates about gender equality in the workplace

122. skipping working out to talk to an old friend at the gym

123. GPS

124. ice cold water

125. email that actually works (this doesnt mean you, Lotus Notes)

126. stories of overcoming cancer

127. (internet) window shopping

128. finding new ways to count the goodness in my life…. expect next week’s post to be written in a new way

129. redbox movies in HD photo booths

131. breakfast jacks — I totally love ’em!

132. Friday end-of-week celebratory lattes

* * *

Counting more next Monday (or sometime next week)….

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