Everyday I’m counting… 73-100

Counting the many goodness in my life…. (start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, and 27-27)

73. spending time with hubby


74. homerun interviews

75. lunch with Rebecca

76. surprise compliments

77. laura reinhardt, for making my work easier, better and more joyful (& because no matter what mood or state of happiness I am in, i am filled with joy and can’t help but smile whenever I see laura)

78. friday afternoon work friends.


79. the encouragement that comes when someone you deeply trust and respect says something that acknowledges exactly what you’re thinking and feeling and for the first time in a long time you think to yourself — see, I’m not crazy.

80. freeing writing — start here: “Life: Unmasked — I sleep while I meditate

81. developers… for making my blogging life 50 x easier than it would be without them

82. fair scones

83. coming up on 4 years of love and joy with my best friend (Colin officially asked me to be his girlfriend on October 10, 2007)… I can’t imagine my life without you, Colin — whether 4 years or 13 years… I have no doubt that I will always love love.

84. friendships that make you feel so comfortable, you can say anything and know the other person will still accept you for who you are

85. peaceful rainy drives into the office

86. sweet, moist, delicious banana bread

87. thought-sharing… The first aid blog forum: Corporate Social Responsibility

88. new recipes //making this week: white chicken chili // next on my list to make: pumpkin whoopie pies

89. a funny nephew


90. switching purses

91. making up passwords (for every new user created on any of the blogs or accounts I manage, I get the privilege of making up the password, too…. I have to say, I think some of my most creative moments are when I make up passwords. Too bad I can never tell you more about them)

92. guest posts… like this one: Corporate social responsibility: sexy, sensible…self-serving?

93. spending Sunday ordering our new mini countryman

94. holding new babies

95. knowing that in 7 weeks, we will be bathing in the sun in Hawaii

96. gossip magazines that keep me busy while standing in long lines as the grocery story

97. a husband that does dishes, cleans the shower and steam mops the floors

98. mizithra cheese (atop a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs)

99. paid vacation

100. double-date nights

* * *

Counting more next Monday….

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  • Debbie

    I love the simple things in life….thanks for sharing!

  • Wow. I just saw this Lindsey and that you were thankful for me in #77. So half a year late — not too bad. I’m very thankful for you too! Miss your seeing you in the office, but so glad we can “see” each other on Skype.

  • You always find ways to brighten my day — it was a much, much needed day for that. Miss seeing you, too. Wish it were in person. XO.