Counting again… 27-72

Counting the many blessings in my life…. (start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts)

27. a good debate

28. the painful molding process of reconsidering and reshaping your personal theology (post coming on Wednesday about this)

29. buying new shoes

30. farmer’s markets

31. heart ache and the reminder that what I feel is important and deep, and known by God

32. modern family — which means we’ll be returning to our coach on Wednesday nights coming soon

33. telling the stories of children and families i will never forget

34. link tools : shorterners, trackbacks, link-ups… you save my life and make my link creation more creative

35. Noelia

36. team Bolivia — 10 days in another country will change your outlook, but

37. a sleeping bella

Counting again | Lindsey Talerico

38. good, inspiring conversation

39. free on-demand movies

40. weekly visits to the old spaghetti factory

41. blogging for work — i used to dream about the day i could do this

42. finishing reading books

43. starting new books

44. trash tv that saves my mental sanity while i’m at the gym

45. family dinners

46. pay-days

47. expensive pillows from bed bath and beyond that are totally worth it

48. hearts, stars, and horse-shoes, clovers, and blue moons, pots of golden rainbows and giant red balloons

49. potty-trained nephews

Counting again | World Vision Blog

50. good news and good reports: “Big drop in children under five dying, says UN report

51. lazy weekend mornings in a king-sized bed

52. 30-second-briefs — anything that can be explained in 30 seconds is worth listening to

53. ranunculus

54. baking new recipes

55. accents — i have a theory that americans are infatuated with anyone who has an accent. those with accents are somehow more likeable, more attractive, easier to listen to

56. el-oh-vee-ee love.

57. red potato hashbrowns

58. Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Ross and Phoebe

59. sweatpants

60. pinterest — when it actually works, which is rare

61. having a husband who does the sloppy, messy parts of cooking: rolling meatballs, kneading dough, cutting the fat off chicken, cleaning up….

62. hippie scarfs (scarves?)

63. wordpress CMS

64. man therapy

Counting again | Lindsey Talerico

65. good health

66. answered prayers

67. vacations planned

68. pajama parties — i used to have these with friends in elementary school, now they’re with my husband- 50 times better

69. movies with sequels and prequels (Twilight, Iron Man, Beethoven… you name it)

70. time with grandma

71. thanksgiving dinner, anytime of the year

*  *  *

Counting more next Monday….

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