Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts

This isn’t really a me type post. But since Bolivia, I’ve been captivated daily by the inspiring posts by mom bloggers around the country and the encouraging love they write about for their children, families and God. I’m taking one from the mom-bloggers book with this one…

Keeping track of the blessings and gifts in your life seems like one of those “duh” things — duh, do it because duh, if you don’t, you’re stupid and selfish for leaning on your own ability to “provide for yourself.” (Okay, that was dramatic… but you know how it is) Soooo… to fight off those selfish tendencies we all, and especially me, struggle with on a minute by minute, decision by decision basis, I’m starting my own list of the many, many things, that I’m thankful for in life. Starting with 26…

1. experiencing the deepest, most beautiful and magical love I never knew really existed (thanks to my dear husband for this)

2. new friends

3. new babies — thank you Jesus for Addilyn, Jaxon, and Dylan

4. sloppy “spit” kisses from my nephew Ryder

5. soft, clean sheets and fluffy pillows on my bed

6. fresh blackberry pie

7. weeknight dates

8. perfectly breezy sunshine

9. a puppy that gets lost in the blankets

10. a job of writing

11. wedding planning

12. a place that feels like home

13. a family whose love can only be described in the depths of your heart

14. photos worth a million words

15. really long green lights

16. mid-afternoon coffee breaks

17. getting lost in words (in blogs, that is)

18. an empty email inbox

19. microsoft office suite… how could we work without you?!

20. those little to-go vanilla creamers that make my work coffee taste half-way decent

21. fresh flowers from the market (or from my husband)

22. new parents and the smiles on their faces as they stare deep into the eyes of the baby they’ll love forever and ever

23. the idea of lots of tattoos — i wanted to be the tattoo type so badly

24. tweetdeck — making my terribly confusing and schizophrenic twitter life a little less chaotic

25. songs that take you back in time 1o years ago (Mmmm bop, do do dooo do, mmmm bopp, wee eeee eeeehhheee)

26. new snail mail (the non-credit card kind)

Counting more next Monday….

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