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Gleaning from the so intelligent, ever-wonderful Rachel Held Evans, again (I feel like I’m always borrowing her concepts these days), I’m trying to put short lists together of posts I’ve read throughout the week that I’d highly recommend anyone to read. (And it’s my way of permanently bookmarking my favorite posts).

You can rest assured that all of these posts have been vetted through by myself, my Twitter followers, and anyone else who is lucky enough to have been sent any of these articles individually by me 🙂 So you can trust that they are seriously worth reading.

Some social media:

Aww… the measuring social media issue: PRSA’s chair weighs in on ‘PR’s next great challenge’: Measuring social media

This is old news… but somehow, dispelling these myths is still part of our every day jobs: 3 All-Too-Common Social Media Marketing Myths

Three more myths to add to the social media madness: Social Media: The Three Big Myths

Good thoughts on asking the right questions about social media ROI: What’s the R.O.I.? A Framework for Social Analytics

An extremely important article of “debunking misinformation” (something we must consider in the humanitarian aid sphere)… I sent this article to all my colleagues: Social media editor role expands to include fighting misinformation during breaking news

Some food for thought:

Elizabeth Esther’s I know the Bible too well

Chad Holtz on Homosexuality: God’s Gift to the Church

Aid marketing I’d love to see — 8 brilliant marketing tips for NGO’s from J.

On Have A God Complex?

better than the church from ashleigh at a Deeper Story

Much to consider with this article… highly recommend it on being “religious” or not: Why Are Americans Becoming More Willing to Say They Don’t Belong to a Religious Tradition?

Some interesting conversation:

The Pornification of Marriage from Elizabeth Esther

At a Deeper Story, Nish on reclaiming our words

Spiritual, but not religious — more from Chad Holtz

Always interesting conversation at Local?

The newest from Rachel Held Evans in her interview series: Ask an Evolutionary Creationist… (Dennis Responds)

Some recent “Likes”:

Men are from Mars, women are from WordPress by Joy’s husband

Written by my beautiful friend in Bolivia for our #faminenomore link-up… so lucky to have a friend with such passion:  I saw a poor, walked away, felt safe. I know I fail!

On the World Vision Blog: An aid worker’s answers about the Horn of Africa and Bringing death in Africa to life in America [LINK UP]

From Rachel Held Evans: Journeys of a Religious Misfit, Part 1: Wayside Shrines

Have posts I’ve missed that you’ve found worth reading? Send them my way via commenting or tweeting @lindseytalerico. XO.

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