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September 28, 2011 3

Everyday I’m counting… 73-100

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Counting the many goodness in my life…. (start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts, and 27-27) 73. spending time with hubby 74. homerun interviews 75. lunch with Rebecca 76. surprise compliments 77. laura reinhardt, for making my work easier, better and more joyful (& because no matter what mood or […]


September 22, 2011 25

Life: unmasked — I sleep while I meditate

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There hasn’t been a time that I’ve read Joy’s writings and not been completely moved. Sometimes, I’m wrecked, challenged by her words. Sometimes I cry, because my heart breaks for whatever her words bring into my heart. Sometimes I concur with her opinions. This time, I’m encourage to write, maybe more openly and honest than […]

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September 19, 2011 6

Counting again… 27-72

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Counting the many blessings in my life…. (start from the beginning: Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts) 27. a good debate 28. the painful molding process of reconsidering and reshaping your personal theology (post coming on Wednesday about this) 29. buying new shoes 30. farmer’s markets 31. heart ache and the reminder that what […]


September 12, 2011 8

Starting today… on my way to 1000 gifts

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This isn’t really a me type post. But since Bolivia, I’ve been captivated daily by the inspiring posts by mom bloggers around the country and the encouraging love they write about for their children, families and God. I’m taking one from the mom-bloggers book with this one… Keeping track of the blessings and gifts in […]

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September 8, 2011 1

blog lately.

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Gleaning from the so intelligent, ever-wonderful Rachel Held Evans, again (I feel like I’m always borrowing her concepts these days), I’m trying to put short lists together of posts I’ve read throughout the week that I’d highly recommend anyone to read. (And it’s my way of permanently bookmarking my favorite posts). You can rest assured […]

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September 3, 2011 0

my first Saturday evening blog post.

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Roaming the blogosphere tonight, checking all my favorites… I stumbled on Elizabeth Esther’s link up The Saturday Evening Blog Post — it’s a chance for bloggers to highlight their favorite original posts from the last month. This Saturday night, it’s a double link up with your favorite July and August posts. Since I didn’t have […]

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