Top 10 Tuesday: My fave posts from this last week

Trying out this “Top 10 Tuesday” thing… maybe next week it will be top ten recipes or one-liners or something. But for today, all you get is a bunch of blog posts I highly recommend.

(I’m adding an 11th, or a 0.5, recommended blog to this post that I just read. Sorry for breaking the top 10 rules.)

#0.5.Why we don’t care when millions are dying, but if we see a puppy hurt on the street, we spring into action. Thanks @larryshort for the recommendation. How Risky Is It, Really?

#1. At the risk of sounding totally out of the 21st century, I just discovered The Colbert Report the other day. And the first person I thought to send this Colbert bite to? Matthew Paul Turner. The Colbert Report on ‘God’s Job Performance’ on

#2. Elizabeth Esther is easily one of my favorite bloggers (and people)… and when she tweeted this post from Carlos Whitaker yesterday, you know I had to read it. When your 5 year old says…”What’s Up Bitch?!” on // Dear Mr. Whitaker, if we were friends, I wonder which Google+ circle you’d put me in?

#3. I call Joy my clever blogger. (Of course, she’s not really mine and the word clever doesn’t begin to really describe her writing since it’s totally an understatement of her creativity). Anyhow, here’s a fabulously clever post on — How the Other Half Lives (except it’s actually “The Other 95%”)

#4. Rachel Held Evans is one of those writers that I’m seriously impressed with on an everyday basis. But it’s not just her writing that I admire… it’s also her sense of humility and grace. (If only we were all as gracious and merciful as Rachel :>) Some words of grace and peace on // Don’t forget to read this one from RHE also: What happens to my sponsored child when he grows up?

#5. Whenever I read EE’s blogs, I can hear her voice and see her reactions… and every time, I literally sigh (rather loudly) and say out loud — “I just love Elizabeth”. Can you be a Christian AND drive a BMW? I can’t. At least, not anymore. on

#6. Always a thing or two to learn from the aid bloggers — Humanitarian Aid 101: #4 – Accept that some good ideas cannot be implemented. on

#7. Anything you want to know about being “outside of the house”… you can learn from theoutdoorwife. On reentry, culture shock, and the cereal aisle. on

#8. For a lesson in faith and witness: I am not ashamed on

#9. Adding one more unforgettable moment to this post… coming home with 7 new friends. All our favorite moments from Bolivia on the World Vision Blog. [Bolivia bloggers] A dozen unforgettable moments.

#10. A great post at the recommendation of Chad Holtz: Coming out of the theological closet on the Pangea blog.

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