Things you ought to know… (before traveling 3000 miles with me)

I’ve written dozens of posts already about our trip to Bolivia — about Facebook fans, and sponsored children, and country facts, and being bold, and even our trip agenda. But the one really big thing missing in all of those posts is any information about me and my pet-peeves or joys of traveling. (Let me just say, before you read on, that I think this post is absolutely necessary… a fair warning to my fellow travelers)…

So in a quick Google search, I found out La Paz, Bolivia is approximately 3,012 miles from Miami, where our Bolivia bloggers team will be meeting up on Sunday morning. If you include the distance from Seattle to Miami (an additional 2,734 miles), I’m seriously traveling 5,750 miles one-way in the next two days — that’s five airports, two overnights, and lots of airplane peanuts. That’s a lot of time to grow to love someone or dis-love someone.

To my fellow #WVBB teammates, here’s some things you should know about me… since we are going to be spending lots of time together in the next 10 days 🙂 May our love for each other last, and last!!!

  • I’m weird. And not like unique-weird, but just weird. (I think the word a stranger called me the other day in the elevator was “quirky.”)
  • I sometimes get in modes of blabbing, to the point where I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. And it’s fine with me if you stop listening.
  • I have a great memory for the big picture, but can’t retain details to save my life. When recalling things, my sentences usually go something like this… “That was about that thing with that guy from Zambia who, like, was a journalist or something.”
  • I will have lots of bags with me. Three? Four? I’m not even sure yet because I haven’t finished packing.
  • Strawberries and oranges affirm my belief that God is real.
  • I’m a secret Skype, Twitter, and Blog stalker.
  • I tend to ask really personal questions about relationships and marriage and kids. But I won’t be offended if just tell me you don’t want to tell me.
  • When I eat popcorn, I feel the need to shove as many pieces in my mouth at one time as possible. If they have popcorn in Bolivia, I’d be glad to show you.
  • I may make offensive statements like, “oh, I don’t think I was born yet when that happened” (that’s my favorite when anyone over the age of 30 is talking to me)… but its just for fun.
  • I also make sound effects — bees buzzing, the wind, fast import cars….
  • I work best when its on the fly. So I’ll probably talk out loud a lot, about random ideas. Then you just may see those ideas in some fashion or another on this blog or the WV Blog…. or if, its better narrowed down to a single statement, you’ll see it on a tweet.
  • I think (out loud) about my future children, getting a masters degree, the weather, blogging, tweeting, eating spaghetti…
  • I like to sing songs in different genres than they were created (ie: I sometimes sing worship songs scr-emo, and sometimes sing rap songs country… although, it’s much more fun to rap country songs.)
  • [This is where I’ll starting adding more things as I think of them]
  • [And here, too]
  • And when we get back, I’m going to redo all the “tags” and “categories” on this blog. Because they totally suck.

Okay, follow us in Bolivia, July 30-August 7. And consider sponsoring a child in Bolivia.

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