A little bit about love, support, and God

Let’s just say, if there was a Debbie Loizzo Facebook “fan” page… I’d “like” it for sure.

This story is so sweet, I’m sharing it every where I can 🙂 And adding a little extra background…

Debbie is like that extra dose of inspiration on the days that it rains, which, in the Pacific Northwest, is about every day. She’s the joy of many a Monday morning. She’s the boost of motivation sometimes needed by mid-end of the week. I always tell her she’s my “dream sponsor” because she’s the sponsor I admire and aspire to be like. Her example teaches me daily about caring for those around me, compassion, what it means to be a sponsor, and everything in between.

She carries more excitement, passion and joy in each letter or comment she leaves us on our own Fb page, than I sometimes exert in a month’s time. She is my reminder that the work of World Vision is changing and impacting lives around the world… and arguably, where we sometimes need the most change and impact — right here at home. At the very least, we could all learn a little bit about love, support, and God from Debbie. Please give 5 more minutes to reading on… I promise you’ll be blessed because of it.

I first started talking to Debbie on our Facebook page, where she leaves us daily comments of encouragement. On Facebook, we’ve shared in Debbie’s passion and deep love for all seven of her sponsored children. When she receives a letter from one of her “littles” from Thailand, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Brazil, Zambia, or Mexico, it makes our day, too. So when she heard about our bloggers trip to Bolivia, you can guess what she did next…

This message was sent to me on Facebook on July 9, at 6 am EST, and posted here with permission from Ms. Debbie Loizzo.

There is such a joy in my heart this morning, I just have to share! I had a really great email to send you, and then, “poof,” it just disappeared…

I wanted to share with you that sponsoring Lizbeth was no coincidence, and your trip to Bolivia is no coincidence, either. Your trip will change many lives as we read the words and feel your heart in all the blogs that your team will be sharing with us. There are some of us who can’t wait, and while I feel it’s a bad thing to wish for time to pass, I personally cannot wait to start reading your words.

In my email, I was detailing my joy of my first sponsorship. I wanted to sponsor all the children whose cards were sitting on that World Vision table at Women of Faith last August. When I saw Inthira’s card, I knew I had found a new chapter in both her life and mine as well!

And then I found the World Vision USA Facebook page, and I saw your posts of encouragement, of information, and of direction…now, I’m hooked. There were many nights when I couldn’t sleep that I would settle in a chair and read blog after blog about places where I will never visit. These words made the stories we often read in newspapers very real to me, one little child at a time.

When I found out you were going to Bolivia, I started looking at children that live there on World Vision’s website. I asked God if six sponsored children shouldn’t be enough. Then I got that feeling in my chest again. I thought about why I was doing this, and then God asked me, “Why not?” I had to chuckle, thinking I’ve heard that six times before.

I went through the photos of the children who need sponsors in Bolivia. I scrolled through pictures and kept walking away from the computer, then going back several times. I saw Lizbeth’s photo the first day and the second. Praying, waiting, thinking…I knew Lizbeth would be sponsored by our family.

When I called my donor contact services representative, she prayed with me as she does with all my “littles.” Then I found out that your Bolivia Bloggers team might get the chance to meet Lizbeth. It was then I realized I wasn’t sponsoring her all by myself. I have the support and prayers from World Vision. It didn’t take three seconds to realize that Lizbeth, from wherever she lives in Bolivia, has already made a difference in the lives of all of us just by being her.

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The end of Debbie’s sweet note to me is on the World Vision Blog: Always enough love for one more.

Interested in our trip or sponsoring a child from Bolivia? More info here.

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