My fave #IWD tweets

Ok, I totally forgot to publish this. A few days late, but here ya go.

Last night, I got all held up watching the tweets for “International Women’s Day” in Google real-time, while I was watching “Live free or die hard” and my husband snoozed on the couch. I have to say (although I didn’t include many of them in this list), I never knew you could spell “ladies” so many ways… ladeeees, laydeez, ladys, ladeys, ladeez…. all my single ladies, all my single ladies….

@sagarikaghose– On International Women’s Day, take a break in your hate campaign against women journalists on Twitter. Call them sister,send good wishes.):

@deanasyila– RT @TraxFMJKT: “Girls should eat makeup so they can try and be pretty on the inside” -Chris Tucker. On this International Women’s Day…

@postculturist– RT @thespyglass: Happy International Women’s Pancake Day… All pancakes are hereby seized on behalf of the sisterhood. #iwd

@gastromony– RT @grum: I support this day of international women. Love em’. Especially Russian ones. International women are far superior to local ones

@samer_k– Apparently #bootyappreciationday is the day before International Women’s Day. Greatest timing ever.

@hourly_radio– *day off* from *office, because of the International women`s day! * loving my chinese boss!

@toea– Google’s logo art is an international women’s day thing…I didn’t even realize that was celebrated outside (ex-)communist countries

@rwmead– Happy International Women’s Day, the holiday that led to the creation of the Soviet Union. Make of that what you will.

@YouBredRancors– Happy International Women’s Day to all of the inspirational #women in my life! Let’s get that trending instead of this other BS.

@Spuddy4u– Happy International Women’s Day. Now shut up and do the dishes.

@macleanbrendan– Perhaps @FHM_Australia could celebrate International Women’s Day by not existing? #iwd

@sasanga– So it is International #women‘s day today… What the heck? When is #Men‘s Day? Oh yes sorry, every day.

@vnmstr– If you think you’re a woman, look like a woman or straight up carry yourself like a woman – Happy International Women’s Day!

Maybe I missed a few of your IWD faves? Tweet them to me, and I’ll add them here.

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