Hey you, get off my browser window!!!

Working all day, every day, online and in the social space,  it is no out-of-the-ordinary task for me to skim 20-40 articles a day. And thanks to my techy set of colleagues, Facebook friends and tweeples, my inbox (or twitter feed or SMS) are filled with various articles on everything from news to new technologies to book recommendations every day. It would be quite ambitious if I said that I actually read every article that comes my way… the truth is, I get to about half of them. And the other half, well… I just assume that an article on Internet TV’s is not unique in itself, and that I’ll likely be sent another one (but from a different source about the same product) tomorrow. In the last couple of months, my browser window has become a collection device for all the articles I want to get to, but don’t always have time in my day to actually get to them.  That’s where this post came from. I’m sharing with you all the articles that are hanging out in my browser window right now waiting for me to get them. (And you can trust that these are the good ones… only the good ones make it to a browser tab).

(*This is a real snaggit of my browser right now)

Unsubscribe Me, Please. I’m Fed Up With Your Blog

Facebook Gets Its First Non Profit Gift Catalog

The Most Popular Phone In The World (I did actually read this one already, but its so good… I’ve left it up in my browser for the last week or so)

Cholera in Haiti: This isn’t bad luck, this is poverty

11  Technology and Social Media Books You HAVE To Read

Firesheep in Wolves’ Clothing

To Tell A Story: Zambia + TOMS Shoes

A Flood of Floods (*This is a blog post on @WorldVisionMag sent to me by the writer who is a colleague of mine. Worth reading)

8 Quick  Tips For Developing a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Getting the Most Out Of Your Corporate Blog

The Thin Line Between Liking A Brand And Liking Its Social  Networking

Why Brands Must Start Caring About Something Other Than Themselves

Proctor and Gamble Launches Widget to Convert Clicks To Clean Water

Special shout out to the tweeps who have contributed to my collection above: @RichendaG, @Mashable, @KeithDon, @JeffGuthrie, @g9ine, @keithkall — And one last thing, if you have some good articles that deserve another pair of eyes, send them over (mention @lindseytalerico on Twitter and ill pick them up).  Maybe one of yours will be fortunate enough to make it to my browser 🙂

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