Happy birthday Michael Jordan!

Today is Michael Jordan’s birthday. Yeah, I bet you didn’t guess I’m a huge fan. Hello, NBA Hall of Fame.  Actually, I really only know its MJ’s birthday because it’s also mine. Michael and I share a lot of things in common like natural athleticism by dominance of height… and our day of birth, although I’m sure he was born many more years before I was.

So this blog isn’t about Michael, that’s just my SEO hot term. This blog is about birthdays. And since it seems appropriate now days to blast your personal information across the web thanks to social networking, this post serves as no exception. Here’s what I’m thinking about on my birthday…

I haven’t cried yet today. That’s a sign of maturity, or progress, or something. I usually cry on my  birthday. I don’t really know why. I think it goes back to that time my mom wouldn’t let me open my new Bible in the morning.

Next year, I’m going to ask my husband if he can give me a present in the morning, right when I wake up. That way, I actually feel like its my birthday all day. And before next year, I’m going to propose that you should always get the day off of work or school or whatever it is you do on your birthday (its only once a year).

Is it just me or do birthdays become more and more dull the older you get? 16th birthday- great. 21st better- even better. but what’s there to look forward to after that? Grey hair and a walking cane? The pressure to have your own career and raise a family?

Okay that was dramatic. Here is a list of things I look forward to in the next 365 days of my life:

  • finishing school
  • getting married
  • going on my honeymoon
  • making money … this is simultaneous with starting a career
  • watching my lovely roommate get married from the bridesmaid row
  • watching my favorite brother marry the woman of his dreams
  • decorating my own home
  • moving to a foreign country for awhile
  • sleeping in (this hasn’t happened since I started college and work)
  • matchmaking my favorite friends together
  • and… getting one of my old roommates on the bachelorette

My goal in the next year of my life is to love what I’m doing, day in and day out, with no regrets about school or my degree choice, etc… And in the year’s of being alive, I have every hope to believe this is exactly where I’m headed.

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