My “response” to post-quake stricken Haiti

Building collapse following the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday, January 12. Photo courtesy- World Vision.

I woke up sick this morning, sore throat, runny nose and all. For medicine, I’ve been drinking hot tea all day. Hot Starbucks tea. And as I sit here, sipping Starbucks, working from home on a number of tasks, I’m reminded of the estimated 3 million people in Haiti that are affected by the recent 7.0 earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince last Tuesday, January 12; a majority of who have not yet been reached with emergency supplies including water and food. Media and updates point out the difficulty for travel and communication on the ground in Haiti. Among the top channels for updates I’ve found extremely useful, World Vision and CNN (my own personal touch of Christianity, charity and mainstream media all in one).

18-month-old Navensky who suffered a broken shoulder, leg and arm before being rescued from his collapsing home by his father, Jerome. Photo courtesy- World Vision.

I rarely ever take the time to care for my own health (or even think about it) outside of wearing a coat in the rain and resisting to eat a candy bar at midnight. I feel selfish, even as I write this, to know that health concerns are extreme and widespread right now in Haiti. An Anderson Cooper special last night told the story of an 11-year girl whose leg was caught beneath heavy rubble causing her to be trapped since Tuesday’s earthquake. Relief workers and volunteers around her (lacking the proper equipment to help lift rubble and free her) resorted to “cutting” her free (if my memory recalls accurately, I believe it was with a chain saw). Having lost extraordinary amounts of blood, the girl did not survive the first round of aid. This girl’s story is believed to be the same story that echoes through Port-au-Prince even today. It is estimated that still, thousands of Haitians are caught under buildings and rubble without food and water for nearly a week now.

Gina (age 27) now living in a makeshift camp at Canape Vert. Photo courtesy- World Vision

In a book I am currently ghost-writing, the author quotes an admired leader who is known to say, “we’re too busy not to pray.” That same leader who said, “when we stop praying, coincidences stop happening.” I’m reminded about the truth in these sayings and the power of prayer this afternoon. My mind is set on accomplishing multiple tasks -homework, work-work, book work, etc…- but I know, that I’m too busy not to pray. My prayer, hope and belief this afternoon is that this same time next week, next month, next year, we will all look back and give God praise for the divine coincidence of prayer in Haiti.

World Vision has 800 staff on the ground in Haiti working tirelessly to distribute aid and emergency supplies and reach as many survivors as possible. Donate to World Vision relief efforts in Haiti.

How has the crisis in Haiti affected you? Please share your thoughts and survivor stories by commenting to this post.

Together, in prayer for Haiti, Lindsey

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  • Tara

    What a great post. I loved what you had to say about prayer; it is so true. The busier we get, the harder times get, the more we need prayer.

  • kathlynn

    Thanks for the post Tal. Its all I can think about as well, so heartbreaking and overwhelming. My heart aches for the people of Haiti.. the loss they have already experienced and the losses that are still to come as others are found. I’m also continuing to pray- at times not even knowing what to pray except ‘help’- and continuing to look for opportunities to help. I’m thankful for organizations like World Vision that are already helping and leading the efforts in Haiti.

  • colinhedren

    That quote could not be more timely and accurate. What a good reminder of not only the power of prayer but the reason why we pray as well. We know that God is already working in Haiti and so prayer is not so much us begging God to move there but more of a posture of praising Him for what He is and will do there. Thank you Lord.
    What spiritual wisdom you have! 😉 love you