Thoughts on My Next Life…

I realize, as someone who never “leaves the office” (I suppose this is partly because my office is online which means I never get away from it… Thanks to the iphone) how incredibly important it is to sometimes just stop. Pause and think about the things you used to before work took over your mind. That’s how this post came about.

Mostly, my posts seem to focus on some sort of intellectual, academic or spiritual intrigue as a reflection of my life and thoughts, which makes this post very appropriate as a collaboration of “thoughts” on my next life. While it may neither be academically or spiritually fascinating in any way, I find it personally amusing.

As a note: You should not count any part of this post as a theological take on life… Read at your own caution… and amusement 🙂 If you know me well, you might find that the descriptions below have a sense of hilarity to them, since I apparently lack the capacity for a number of reasons to make any of them reality in this life.

Descriptions of my next life:

  • sing the National Anthem at the World Series
  • Oprah follows me on twitter
  • climb a mountain
  • work with extreme makeover: home edition
  • write my own cook book

  • play music by sound
  • run a marathon (which I would totally do with Team World Vision)
  • i’m actually friends- like bbq in the backyard friends- with erwin mcmanus, matthew barnett, and brian houston
  • win the avp beach volleyball tournament
  • be a scuba instructor
  • get my PHD
  • swim with stingrays
  • when i use the word “poor” about myself, i’m actually referring to having one helicopter and not 5
  • race dirt bikes in my spare time
  • be a roadie
  • my fellow peers include mother theresa and shane claiborne
  • the creator of the next google
  • my birthday parties have a guest list that include: taylor swift, jennifer aniston, bono, rachel mcadams…
  • when i chase the end of a rainbow, there really is a pot of gold waiting for me and a nice greeting from a friendly leprechaun
  • own a professional sports team (the Chargers maybe)
  • write and publish my first book at age 16
  • santa stays “real” til I’m 15

  • and… i get to ride around with him in his sleigh (and im comet’s best friend)
  • i win a mercedes in a raffle
  • founder of the next kiva or invisible children
  • undergrad study at Pepperdine or NYU
  • professional surfer
  • have a puppy named Foxie
  • invent something

I always appreciate the thoughts of other dreamers so please share your thoughts on your next life via comment.

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  • I’m liking the Santa bullet.