what have i learned this quarter?

Today is the last day of Spring quarter (and hopefully my last day EVER in a spring quarter) of school. While the day isn’t quite over (1 more final to go) I am ecstatic to publicly post the things that I have learned this last quarter. Like the old saying goes “success is not measured not by what one brings, but by what one leaves.” and in this case, success can be measured by what notes my brain has left for my memory to dance to. or something like that.

they say that we can own our homework... but we know that homework really owns us.

so…. what have i learned this quarter?

  • business students are incapable of understanding the failure of neo-liberal idealism in today’s globalized society (ie. chris)
  • last minute study sesh’s are not the best way to study before a final, but… still work
  • study groups will save your life! anytime other students comply to give you their study notes is like being handed 20 bucks
  • the spaghetti factory celebrated its 40th anniversary this year for 10 weeks every tuesday (we often celebrated with them)
  • a sunny day = a day with no school work always, sometimes its just too nice outside to be in class
  • interdisciplinary arts classes are 200% easier than urban studies classes
  • 20 credits is cake when you have professor’s like detray
  • one of my professors this quarter has actually delivered baby’s in the bush
  • same professor feels that the only thing people want in life is to know the future of their children is in good hands (learned this from too much LSD)



chris and bella 1/2 way through an 11 page project.

chris and bella 1/2 way through an 11 page project.



  • the library actually has study rooms
  • we have a printing center at school… our very own kinkos
  • completing an 11 page project from start to finish in one day is entirely possible
  • pizza is the cheapest lunch on campus 
  • the bill and melinda gates foundation has given over $95 million since 2006 to water and sanitation relief in Africa
  • India currently has millions of children stuck in bonded labor 
  • leaders empower those under them… managers just make everyone mad
  • puppies like macaroni and sausage
  • neither the World Trade Organization nor the International Labour Organization work to advance the interest of workers in the age of globalization
  • if you come at exactly 10:06 you can get a parking spot on the brick road… a minute later is a minute too late
  • some professors don’t wanna be here just as bad you don’t 
  • $15 parking tickets are actually issued in the 1 hour zones
  • there is an entire store dedicated to popcorn
  • never become a professional fundraiser 
  • chris and i are the first kids in the fam to graduate from college, and probably the only kids who actually went to college
  • eating too much laffy taffy will make your stomach hurt
  • you can make it to school on time whether you leave at 9:30 or 9:55
  • what if your TOMS stink? place a fabric softener in the toe of each shoe for a spring-like smell

and last, but most definitely not least….

  • detray is the man!

check out the paper that got me an A- with the smartest professor ever! The Fading Future of the ILO: A Look at India’s Child Slavery Issue

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  • My last day of finals was yesterday and I actually don’t even remember what I learned. Nor even if I could remember, I don’t think I’d want to recall anything. Those are finals anyway, right?

    Congratulations on graduating from college 🙂

  • Tara

    I totally agree with the sunny day comment. However gloomy days also are not school works days. They make you just want to curl up on the couch and watch Grey’s Anatomy.