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This post is a compilation of the most interesting blogs I have read lately. The blogs and links posted here are not necessarily synonymous with my personal beliefs or opinions and in some cases, actually challenge my perspective. But I have learned that anything that can broaden my perspective is beneficial for my own understanding. My hope with this post is that your understanding might be enriched and your perspective challenged. Some of these blogs I subscribe to, some are friends’ and some I have accidentally (or divinely) stumbled upon (some are articles assigned for school work). I have personally experienced a sense of encouragement to my faith as a Christian and as a human in reading these blogs, some more than others. Some of these blogs have left me laughing, some thinking, some believing, and some inspired. Whatever they may be to you, I hope you will consider the purpose and ideals behind the words to be valuable to your own life.

Obama’s Deleted Notre Dame Remarks Posted by In the Agora– an interactive online journal focused on current events, culture, faith, science and more.

It May Never Be Easy But It Can Always Be Good, A Lesson From Jo By Charles Lee- Pastor of New Hope South Bay Church in the greater Los Angeles area; Co-Founder and Vice-President of JustOne; a cultural catalyst and advocate for social justice

Is God Going Out Of Style? By Bishop T.D. Jakes- Pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas; best-selling author of over 30 books; a quintessential leader in the church and global community

Get Over It Conservatives: Same-Sex Marriage Will Be Legal in All 50 States By Michael Abernethy… who I actually know nothing about. (Note: I obviously disagree with Abernethy’s opinion in this one, but his points are, nonetheless, valid. Understanding my opposer’s perspective is, in my personal opinion, a key in making your own argument effective)

Facebook: Connecting Us in Life and Death By Vicki Santillano- a San Franciscan writer for, a site dedicated to women with daily articles written by women

17 Creative Collection of Inspirational Resources For Designers By An Jay, an atypical web designer

Counseling on Mission By Jonathan Dodson, lead pastor of Austin City Life church and directional leader for PlantR (an Austin-based church planting network); his blogs are seen at Creation Project and Church Planting Novice; (this particular blog series was posted on The Resurgence– a movement that blogs to resource multiple generations to live for Christ by being culturally accessible and biblically faithful)

Escaping Into Reality By Peter Rollins, a writer, public speaker, lecturer and coordinator of the experimental collective Ikon

America’s Poor Are Its Most Generous Givers By Frank Greve, writer for McClatchy Newspapers

The Reluctant Enablers of Torture By Sheri Fink, a reporter for ProPublica– an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest

No Time For Retribution By Roger Cohen, an Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times

In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Look At Past Use By Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti, writers for the New York Times

***I would love to dialogue your thoughts about any of these articles… Use the space before to leave your thoughts, ask questions, or suggest other articles!

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  • colinhedren

    I like this.
    There is so many thoughts and opinions out there about, well, everything. Its cool to see what the majority are conversing and thinking about.
    And yes you DO have a successful blog. Even if its just my opinion (its the only one that matters jk).