5 MUST see places before i am 50.

This blog idea really came on whim. I have not thought about it long so forgive me if the rest of this seems rather whacky, or crazy. But i promise, i am not losing my mind. 

The 5 places I MUST see before i am 50 
(which i have a ways to go, thank God!)

Venice, Italy. I always imagined that I would go to Venice on my honeymoon. Recently, I looked up plane tickets to Venice… out of curiosity. $2,000 round trip from Seattle. So Venice may be in the future, just not the honeymoon future. (and Im not even engaged…) and if I ever go to Venice, I’ll also go to Rome. Since Rome was the pitiful city that never became what it should have been (school has taught me so much).

Uganda. Its not just about Invisible Children. The need in Uganda is great and has touched my heart. Living for Christ means reaching his people. It means countering poverty and advocating for peace. Uganda is deeply entrenched in war, poverty, and injustice. My life, as a life for Jesus, fights these things. and of course, I want to make some Ugandian friends.

Australia. I want to see some kangaroos and koalas and ancient sea turtles. I want to see an opera at the Sydney Opera House and see the promise land of Nemo and Marlin. I want to experience the outback and the real meaning of shrimp on the barbie. I want to worship at Hillsong and understand why Australia is one of the most charitable countries in the world. I do not, however, want to be bit or poisoned by any crazy insects or small crawling creatures.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo is my idea of a real vacation. Tropical, beautiful, relaxing. Cabo can be my new honeymoon destination.

and finally… alaska. not because i really hope to see alaska. but because i think that maybe i should. but i dont want to visit the eskimo, ice castle, need fur on every part of my body alaska… ill go to like anchorage or something. or maybe a cruise… i think ill go on an alaskan cruise and see the icebergs and the sea lions. my grandma went on one of these and she said it was awesome!

Ok, so this last may not be incredibly strong. and there are many more places I want to see and visit and stamp in my passport. Truthfully, I want to see all of Africa. and Paris. and Holland. and the Swiss Alps. and the Statue of Liberty. and Wall Street…. and the list goes on…

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  • Anthony Ross Amicangelo

    WOw! put me down for venice… for sure!!! i didn’t know you wanted to go there… well, maybe i did. we can see my long-lost italian relatives… and they will definitely cook an authentic italian feast for us.

  • oh friend… you know that you will most likely be apart of ALL those trips.. and the ones in between. we have only been talking about an authentic italian feast for about 2 years now. maybe 3 years. that would actually be divine… do you think they want us to stay with them?? because we could 🙂

  • Shelby Hume

    I love it! I really want to go to Africa someday as well. All your pictures make me want to go right now, but for me it’s a timing thing. Someday, I’m sure it will happen, maybe we can go together! 🙂

  • haha I used to live with nick pack. I am planning on going to uganda with my pastor at my church we have a connection there.

  • nicole

    I love this!

    THis is so random but I am laughing b/c the people in the picture are like WAY older than 50!