The Miracle of “Bella”

Last night, I watched a film called “Bella.” I first heard about “Bella” through the blogging grapevine and the wonders of youtube. Both highly recommended “Bella” as a must-see film. So yesterday I went to Hollywood Video and searched through the old drama aisle until I found it.

The back of the DVD reads as follows:
An international soccer star is on his war to sign a multi-million dollar contract when a series of events unfolds to bring his career to an abrupt end. A beautiful waitress, struggling to make it in New York City, discovers something about herself that she is unprepared for. In one irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside down… until a simple gesture of kindness brings them both together, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable experience.

“Bella” was the #1 top rated movie of 2007. Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, and Best Picture and Best Actor at the 2008 MovieGuide Awards, “Bella” is a uniquely inspiring film about friendship, destiny and the power of listening. “Bella” will surely uplift your spirit and capture your heart with its encouraging kindness in another chance.

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Before I watched “Bella,” I saw the following youtube of the lead actor, Eduardo Verastugui (Jose), whose post-production story changed his own life.

One of the reasons I rented “Bella” is because of my belief that any movie that leads people to hope, forgiveness or God is worth giving a chance. This movie in particular, has played a certain role in the change of women’s hearts in the decision of abortion. I have known several girls and women who have had abortions. and its not fair for me to judge anyone on this decision because I have never been in a situation in which this decision must be made. and although I don’t ever plan on getting myself into this kind of situation, I do have thoughts about it…

The idea and practice of abortion has become such a debatable political subject. But the truth is, its an emotional and a spiritual subject too. The decision of abortion in itself is coated in pain and heartache. and anything that involves these two, will surely affect your emotions and attract the attention of God whose heart breaks with yours.

Honestly, I can only feel empathetic for women in the abortion situation. It hurts me to know that anyone would even consider abortion as an option, but it breaks my heart for the pain the women must feel in trying to make the decision. Its stories like this one in “Bella” that remind us all to love and to listen and that life is always the answer.

Go rent “Bella.” Buy a copy for a friend. or your church. or a women’s shelter. Share your thoughts and stories on this page by commenting below.

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