1 year 6 months later…

heart-handsLast Friday, the 10th, was mine and Colin’s 1 year 6 month anniversary of when we first started dating. Of course, we celebrated by going to dinner (like we do for all of our anniversaries). But these are the sort of dates that you can’t help but reminisce on the past and evaluate the future. I remember the first time I met Colin, at church. and I remember thinking “who does this guy think he is!?” Colin walked around the hallways in our youth building like he had a mission or something to do. But I knew he had nothing to do, it was his first time here! A couple of months and a few coffee dates later, Colin asked me to be his girlfriend (like the true gentleman that he is). I could have never foreseen what the next 1 year and 6 months would teach me, bring me and surprise me with. I have chosen to write this blog to share some of my experiences, highlights and lessons learned from the past year and half, mostly from my relationship with Colin and some from life and love. 

  • my favorite memory with Colin: dancing on our first valentines day to Frank Sinatra (nothing makes you fall in love like a little Sinatra); I came back from a family vacation in Maui on our 1 month anniversary. Colin picked me up at the airport and took me on a date that night to the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade. If I only knew this was the beginning of many more beautiful dates to come… 
  • my favorite surprise from Colin: I was in San Diego with my youth ministry class to attend the Youth Specialties conference for the weekend. Colin surprised me by driving down and showing up at the door (we were staying at Benji’s parents house in La Jolla) 
  • one of the greatest things ive learned: love grows. and grows. and can never quit growing. Every time I stop and think about how much I love Colin, I always think, it cant get any better than this. I couldn’t possibly love Colin more than I love him right now. And time passes and I am proved completely wrong. Everyday, every week, my love grows for Colin and for my love for the Lord who teaches me what it means to love and be loved. 
  • our favorite places to go: Wokano in Pasadena, or Kabuki in Rosemeade
  • places we’ve been: Washington, Oregon, Las Vegas, Tijuana, San Diego, all over California
  • laughing is good for the soul. ok, so this is an old lesson but a great reminder. I have always believed that laughing is good for your soul. Not like a giggle, but the real tummy hurting, excruciating to the stomach, cant stop, face is red hot, laughing. When I first met Colin, one of the only things I can remember is that I never quit laughing. Everything that Colin and I did together was so much fun that I was just laughing all the time. And when I look back on moments in my life, I want to make sure that there was plenty of laughter because laughter = joy = love. 
  • desire never goes away. they always say that being in a relationship is like a party. when you’re not in a relationship it feels like you were the only one not invited to the party. hello, that sucks. and so the story goes, when I was single, I desired to be in a relationship. But the reality is that even now that I am in a relationship, my desire for things I don’t have is still there. Now instead of desiring to be in a relationship (or at the party), I desire to be married and have a family (and be at the wedding party… haha). 
  • you can never predict the future. I have lived my life expecting and preparing for the future. (That’s why Im still in school). But nothing has taught me faith like being in this relationship with Colin. Colin just reminded the other week that “faith is believing in the things unseen.” and definitely, the future of our relationship, my life, our life together is unseen. I believe that the future was made unpredictable by the Lord so that it would teach us faith. Faith for the unseen future.
  • things we’ve seen together: Wicked! OneRepublic. Dashboard, Jack’s Mannequin. The LA Dodgers. Medieval Times. Fireworks on 4th of July right under the Huntington Pier. And hello, Grey’s Anatomy every week! (Next week we are going to see a taping of America’s Got Talent) 
  • all relationships should: preserve “date night.” read together. pray together. love one another’s families. support one another. 
  • every girl really does deserve their own prince charming. If there is one thing I could say about Colin, its that he truly is the kind of man every girl deserves to have. (But you can’t have him!!! :>) I know that every girl has different needs and different likes/dislikes about the man she will date or marry, but I believe that every girl deserves someone like him. Someone who is committed and loving everyday!!!! Someone who makes you feel beautiful when you know you don’t look pretty at all. Someone who opens all your doors and washes all the dishes when you’ve cooked all day. The best masseuse you’ll ever have. Ok, I could go on and on… 
  • the epiphany that love isnt love without someone to share it with. I’ve loved a lot of people (mostly because I love nearly everyone I know). But there really is NOTHING like having someone who reciprocates your love. 
  • dream of new dreams. of course, I have many dreams for my life, my future family, my future ministry, etc… Before I started dating Colin, these plans only concerned my own life (duh). and its funny, because when i started dating Colin, some of my dreams stayed the same, but most of them grew and/or changed. Now, almost all of my dreams include Colin in my future. I no longer dream dreams just for myself, but I dream of our ministry and our family. 
  • I believe every relationship should celebrate whenever they have the chance! Celebrating means remembering and enjoying the past and the present. That’s why Colin and I go on a date EVERY month for our anniversary. Although 1 year 6 months is a bit more special in length. 
  • double date memories with: Benji & Jen, Tim & Victoria, Andrew & Lauren, Tara & Tim, Matt & Patti
  • in making decisions for my life or relationship, there is always one thing I ask myself before acting- is this the best for my life/relationship? there are four kinds of decisions you can make: bad, good, better and best. I don’t waste time with bad or good decisions. I believe that loving someone means wanting the best for he/she. I want the best for my life, relationship, and for Colin now!
  • the other thing I ask myself daily in my relationship with Colin is- how can I show Colin that I love him? or how can I grow my love for Colin? Keeping this in my mind has helped, in so many ways, in steering my relationship. All of my actions and decisions, in this way, are checked to ascertain they are healthy and loving for my relationship.
  • love covers a multitude of sins. For sure, Colin and I have had our share of arguments and disagreements. Sometimes we have left angry at each other, or hurt by one another. During one particular serious argument about a year ago, I remember seeking the Lord and asking Him for forgiveness and another chance. And I believe the Lord so divinely reminded me love covers a multitude of sins. And I knew that mine and Colin’s love was great enough that it covered all sin, all disagreement. Love always wins. Thank you Jesus for that!

In many ways, 1 year and 6 months has flown by and the date has come surprisingly quick. But in many other ways, I know that this is just the beginning. I know that there are many more anniversaries to come, more lessons to be learned, more surprises to experience and more love to be felt. This excites me in every way and tomorrow is always another step into this future I can’t wait for.

Got relationship advice for the next year and half for me and Colin??? I would love to hear your thoughts and relationship experiences… Comment below!

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  • Colin Hedren

    I don’t cry easily or often but in reading this I almost started crying. This description and picture of our relationship thus far, our life together, has been SO good!! Everyday babe, I love you more and more. This means so much to me. It’s almost like a little hand written note to me 🙂 kinda. You are amazing in every way and I want so more for our life together and our future!! I love you 🙂

  • Tara

    You teach me so many things!!!

  • Shelby Hume

    Lindsey, I love this! I am so happy for the both of you. These things are all so true. I can’t wait for my “prince charming!” 🙂 When I find him I will definitely keep these things in mind. I love what you said about faith. It is such a good reminder of what faith truly is. And I love the part about love covering a multitude of sins, so true, and so good! Thanks for sharing!

  • Roomie, you teach me too. I love you and miss you everyday!

    Shelby- Most of the things Ive learned Colin has taught me in some way or another. Im excited to add double date memories with you and prince charming some day soon!!! Love you always!

    Colin- you are everything to me. I love you forever! Happy anniversary!

  • man of wisdom

    after reading this it seems Colin needs to man up and get a ring on that finger missy!!!!

  • Stephen Myatt

    Great post. I am still processing it but I will be on later to respond. Thank you Lindsey. So much here to think about and even continue to remember.

  • Stephen Myatt

    Great post. I am still processing it but I will be on later to respond. Thank you Lindsey. So much here to think about and even continue to remember.