10 reasons to vote for Danny Gokey

american idol has woo’d fans all over the world for 8 straight seasons now. and every season, the phenomenon continues and america falls in love with new contestants. kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, david cook and david archuleta found their fame on american idol. who will find their fame this season? pictured above is season 8 top 10

season 8 has brought new talent to the stage. young promising contestants have votes up for grabs… american idol fans have a number of talented contestants to vote for. need a little help? check out below 10 reasons to vote for Danny Gokey.

http://media.americanidol.com/contestants/season_8/top_13/danny_gokey/danny_gokey_210x202.pngdanny’s profile
full name: daniel jay gokey
age: 28
hometown: milwaukee, wi
fave quote: “unshakeable faith is faith that has been shaken”
fave female artist: lauryn hill
fave male artist: michael jackson

10 reasons to vote for Danny Gokey

#10- he has natural talent. danny has no formal singing training.

#9- he has a secret talent. working with children. although danny doesnt have any kids of his own, he loves children and working with them musically, spiritually and academically has become one of his many gifts. 

#8- he is loved, even by the judges. danny’s great voice and charismatic personality have not only won him into thousands of american hearts, but also the hearts of the judges. during his audition, all 4 judges voted him yes to hollywood. now, danny and co-contestant, adam, are singled out by the judges as their favorites to win this seasons american idol.

#7- he has a life goal to inspire people. danny’s personal life goal is to touch, help and bring hope to as many people as he can. Influencing today’s youth is important to danny. 

#6- he dreams of more. making it to the american idol top 10 may be a dream come true for danny, but he dreams of more. if danny couldn’t be a singer, he would want to be a motivational speaker where he can speak from personal experiences to motivate and inspire people to live every moment with hope and love.

#5- he is faith filled. danny is a music teacher and choir leader for Faith Builders International Ministries in milwaukee. while in los angeles filming american idol, he attends the dream center and angelus temple and has gained a fan base and support including pastor matthew barnett. 

#4- he is well-rounded. singing isnt danny’s only passion and interest. he also loves the piano and salsa dancing. his many interests and love to help people make him balanced and well-rounded. although danny is a christian, his hopes to be a musician don’t just surround christian music. “I get my strength from my faith in God. My goal is to be a Christian who does mainstream music. I want my music to reach out to the multitudes. I want to bring entertainment, but I want to bring encouragement and hope at the same time” -danny gokey

#3- he has a message and a story to tell. 4 weeks before danny auditioned for american idol in kansas city, his wife of 11 years passed away during heart surgery. his wife, sophia, had a heart condition her whole life. sophia underwent many surgeries in her life, and in this one, she may not have survived, but her story will go on. danny says that even after sophia’s death, he felt as though more were to come. inspired by sophia’s tenacity and love for life, danny lives to carry on sophia’s message of hope. 

#2- he has a foundation. after danny’s wife past away, he set up a foundation in her memory, Sophia’s Heart Foundation (SHF). the foundation’s mission is to make a positive impact on students’ lives through a Music and Arts Program, which will donate musical instruments to children and youth who are unable to afford them and the Sophia L. Gokey Scholarship Fund which donates $1,000 scholarships to high school students who face challenges in pursuing their dreams. visit the sophia’s heart foundation website.

#1- he’s real. danny’s recent years of struggle have taught him a lot about life, himself and his faith. what america sees on the show is the real danny, up front and personal. he doesn’t claim to be perfect or ready for everything life throws his way. but he willingly walks into the future with hope and a smile. “When there’s hope on the horizon, you’re ready to live again. I’m still healing, but I feel like this process is bringing healing to my life” -danny gokey

danny gokey has my vote for the season. i hope that this blog has encouraged your vote to go for danny too. and i know that there are many other deserving, talented contestants this season. who is your favorite? and why should america vote for him/her?

want more information about danny gokey and this season of american idol?
visit americanidol.com
the danny gokey fan site

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